Justin Bieber Joins Ariana Grande Onstage at Coachella

Weekend box office news… Bill Cosby’s legal fees… Adele is seperated… Meghan Markle’s move to Africa… and Justin Bieber joins Ariana Grande onstage at Coachella

It was the worst Easter weekend at the box office in almost 15 years, but “The Curse of La Llorona” was first among the worst, taking in $26.5 million in its debut weekend. The president of the movie studio said they’re thrilled with how much it overperformed, because it wasn’t expected to even do that. This movie only cost $9 million to make and they probably didn’t spend that much promoting it, so at least the producers are getting their money back. After two weeks on top, “Shazam!” fell to second with $17 million. The faith-based movie “Breakthrough” was third with $11 million over the weekend, but it earned $14 million in its first five days of release, which is exactly how much it cost to produce.

Bill Cosby is suing his former attorneys for charging him $1 million a month!!! Maybe he wouldn’t be upset if all that money kept him out of prison….But in a petition filed on Friday, it shows that the law firm of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan charged him over $8.5 million to represent him in 10 cases. But that covered 11,205 hours of work over 9-months with 28 attorneys representing Bill in 5 cities. Bill said the firm’s “staffing decisions and billing practices were egregious and resulted in fee that was totally and completely unconscionable.” Besides that, Bill says he’s blind and couldn’t properly read his contracts, so he didn’t know exactly what he was signing. He wants $4 million in damages. The law firm has fired back, saying that things would’ve been a lot worse for Bill if he hadn’t hired them!

Adele had her people release a statement: “Adele and her partner have separated. They are committed to raising their son together lovingly. As always they ask for privacy.” Nope! That’s not how showbiz do! Now, from what everyone is hearing, Adele and Simon Konecki are splitting amicably. Apparently, this has been coming for more than a minute. happening quietly for a while. Back in January, Adele transferred ownership of a house in Van Nuys, CA, to Simon. It’s a lovely 3-bedroom property valued at $600K. Adele still has a $10 million mansion in Beverly Hills. In February, Adele sold their $4 million home in East Sussex. She’s keeping the $8.5 million townhouse in central London and a $3 million flat in South West London. From what we understand, the couple didn’t have a prenup, and since Adele is worth an estimated $180 million, could he walk away with $90 million? The couple married in 2016. They share 6-year-old son Angelo.

The next Royal Baby is due any minute! Meghan Markle’s mom has reportedly arrived in London to await the arrival of her Royal Grandbaby! We won’t know exactly when the baby arrives because Prince Harry and Meghan have decided to keep the details surrounding the birth private. There will be no pictures on the steps of the hospital hours after the baby arrives. Instead, Harry and Meghan will share photos taken in private on the grounds of Windsor Castle at a later date.

YouTube has been live-streaming Coachella since 2011, and the first weekend of this year’s festival broke a record with nearly 82.9 million live views. That’s almost double last year’s live streaming views! We’ll have to wait for the final tally for the second weekend, which featured a surprise performance by Will Smith at his son Jaden’s show on Friday. On Saturday, Kanye West performed during Kid Cudi’s set. It must’ve worn him out because he showed up late for his Easter morning musical church service and he sounded a bit hoarse. His special guests included Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor, Chance the Rapper, and DMX. And Ariana Grande closed out the festival with only one surprise performance — Justin Bieber. He sang “Sorry.” Justin hadn’t been on stage in two years and this was totally unplanned. He also announced that he’s got a new album coming soon!

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