Justin Bieber turned down $5 million

HBO evicted Sesame Street characters… Hayes Grier in the hospital… Gwyneth Paltrow leaves Goop… Debra Messing goes after Blake Shelton… and Justin Bieber turned down $5 million

Bob, Luis and Gordon have been evicted from Sesame Street!! Bob McGrath has lived on Sesame Street since the very first show debuted on PBS in 1969! Bob is 84 now and wanted to keep going, but he says now that the show is moving from PBS to HBO, they wanted to add some young blood, so he and two of his long-time neighbors are being kicked to the curb! Emilio Delgado is now 76 and he’s been known to all of us as Luis since 1971 and 72-year-old Roscoe Orman, who we know as Gordon, has been there since 1974. Of course, HBO is trying to do some damage control, releasing a statement saying that Bob, Luis and Gordon will continue to represent Sesame Street at public events.

Vine star Hayes Grier crashed on his dirt bike yesterday and it was pretty serious. His brother Nash tweeted the news, “Just got a call on set that said Hayes was in a crash. He’s now in the hospital…He can move & talk (thank god) but he’s coughed up a lot of blood. That’s all I know. Praying he has a quick recovery.” An hour later he texted that Grier had suffered a concussion, two fractured ribs and a bruised lung. He will be in the hospital for the next few days, but his family says he’s going to be fine.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she thinks it’s best that she step away from Goop because she thinks the association is holding them back. Speaking before a group in Chicago yesterday, Gwyneth said, “My dream is that one day no one would remember that I have anything to do with it.” She said in order for Goop to grow, she has to separate herself from the brand and let it stand on its own.

Debra Messing is messing with the wrong country boy! Billboard asked Blake Shelton about Donald Trump and he said, “Whether you love him or hate him, he says what he thinks, and he has proven that you don’t always have to be so afraid. A lot of people are pulling for him, no matter how much Hollywood fights it.” Debra saw that and flew off the handle, tweeting Blake’s girlfriend, “Omg. How? @gwenstefani please talk to your man to not vote for the person who will STRIP you of your rights.” Gwen let Blake handle this one. He tweeted Debra, “Hey before this gets going like it always does… I haven’t enforced (meant to say endorsed) ANYBODY for president. And I [I’m] not going to. I don’t do that s–t. My comment about ‘wish there was another option but there’s not’ is across the board … period. Now go dig up another story.” Debra realized she may have spoken too quickly and tweeted back, “Ok- I regret commenting. My passions got the better of me. Sorry. @gwenstefani @blakeshelton.” Blake replied, “Thank you sis.. I don’t endorse anybody. For this very reason!!”

Justin Bieber was offered $5 million to perform for 45 minutes at an event during the RNC in Cleveland. The promoter assured Justin’s people that even though the show was being paid for by GOP donors, this wasn’t a political event. It was just a party! So this wouldn’t be an endorsement, it would just be a night entertaining some Justin Bieber fans who happened to be in town for the GOP convention. But Justin’s people said absolutely no way were they going to support him doing it. His manager Scooter Braun reportedly threatened to quit and Justin’s band said they refused to play with him as well. Basically, Justin decided it wasn’t worth the $5 million and said he wouldn’t do it.


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