Showbiz Top 5: Justin Bieber wants to ‘Take A Break From Music’

Prince drops $22 million lawsuit… Mötley Crüe announces retirement… Miley Cyrus preforms with Madonna in MTV Unplugged… Kanye West wants Kim on the cover of Vogue… and Justin Bieber wants to take a break from music

Prince has officially dropped his lawsuit against 22 of his online fans he accused of illegally posting footage of his concerts online. Prince was suing them for a million dollars EACH! But after the news was made public, Prince had his lawyers file papers to have the lawsuit dismissed without prejudice, which means he could still refile it later if he wants to.

Motley Crue announced yesterday that they are going on one final tour together and then that’s IT. They’re retiring the group and they’ve all signed agreements saying they will never use the name “Motley Crue” again. Alice Cooper is going to open for the 72-city tour, which kicks of July 2 in Grand Rapids. Tickets reportedly start at $15 and go on sale this Friday.

What’s the point of saying it’s going to be a surprise if they’re telling us everything. Miley Cyrus recorded her Unplugged special last night and it will air tonight on MTV. She went full-on country with the set — bales of hay and wagon wheels are all over the place. One reporter described it as “Hee Haw from hell.” Miley does 10 songs, including “Don’t Tell Me” with Madonna, who’s dressed up like a glamorous gunslinger. And yes, Madonna twerks and sticks her tongue out. But while they were singing, Miley forgot to wear her cowboy hat, so they had to go back and do the whole thing over again. Miley also sang “Jolene,” which she said was written by her Aunt Dolly, as in Parton. claims that during a recent power lunch in Beverly Hills, Kanye West got in Anna Wintour’s face, wanting to know why she allowed “Girls” star Lena Dunham to be on the cover of “Vogue” and still refuses to put Kim Kardashian on there. He reportedly told Anna that Kim is “just as talented as Lena, if not more so!” And he also thinks Kim has a much bigger fan base and appeal than Lena. He also let her know how insulting it was to him that — as his friend — he won’t do her this one favor and put Kim on the “Vogue” cover. so far, Anna is still standing firm with her no. is reporting that Justin Bieber is ready to take a break from music and touring for a while. He reportedly told his manager Scooter Braun that he wants to open a high-end tattoo parlor with his dad. Not only that, he’s ready to put his house in Calabasas up for sale and move somewhere with a lot of land. He wants to build his own skate park, have enough room to play with his ATVs, and not have to worry about neighbors ever again.


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