Justin Bieber yachting with Cody Simpson’s EX

Weekend box office news… Taylor Swift cancelled her concert… Wiz Khalifa stopped by TSA… celebrity good samaritans… and Justin Bieber yachting with Cody Simpson’s EX

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” won the box office, taking in $111 million in its first four days. Second place went to “Godzilla,” which earned another $39.45 million in its second weekend. And it was one of Adam Sandler’s worst comedy openings in almost two decades. “Blended” debuted in third with $18 million.

Taylor Swift has been forced to cancel her sold-out concert in Bangkok, Thailand, after the nation came under military rule last week. The promoter announced that, while it was a difficult decision, Taylor’s concert was canceled “due to recent events in Thailand.” She tweeted her love and sadness to her fans there.

After headlining a music festival in El Paso on Saturday, Wiz Khalifa headed to the airport to catch a flight to Dallas, but he was stopped by TSA officials. They popped him for .5 grams of weed. Wiz didn’t take it too seriously. He posted a couple of jail selfies before posting his $300 bail.

David Schwimmer helped police officers solve a stabbing that happened right next to his $4 million home in NY’s East Village yesterday. Apparently it was a robbery gone wrong and David’s security cameras caught enough of the altercation to help officers catch the robber. And Ashton Kutcher was a good Samaritan. He saw some stranded motorists in the Hollywood Hills, dropped his pregnant fiancee Mila Kunis off at home and came back to give the stranded car a jump.

Justin Bieber is rubbing it in Selena Gomez’s face at this point. He openly flirted with 18-year-old recent high school graduate Yovanna Ventura, postage a picture of her and captioning it, “I see you In that Dolce Dress. Glad u had fun. :)” Yo responded, “#mcm looking great in that suit.” Get a room already! But Justin may not have eyes only for Yo. He recently spent time on a yacht in Monaco with Cody Simpson’s ex, Gigi Hadid.


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