Have Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy broken up?… Danny Masterson and wife had a baby… Joe Simpson seen with 21-year-old male model… Sarah Hyland was assaulted… and Justin Bieber’s arresting officer has credibility issues

People are whispering that Kate Hudson and Muse front-man Matt Bellamy are on the verge of breaking up. They started dating in the spring of 2010 and got engaged the next year right about the time their son, Bingham, was born. Sources say Kate’s always traveling and really wants her home base to be in LA while Matt’s happiest to remain parked in London. The two haven’t been seen publicly in months, but despite that, Kate’s rep denies their relationship is in trouble.

How do you hide a pregnancy in Hollywood? I guess you just have to not be as famous as you were a few years ago. Former “That ’70s Show star” Danny Masterson and wife Bijou Phillips had a baby girl on Friday and nobody even knew she was pregnant. Danny finally revealed the big news on Instagram Wednesday night, posting a picture of the baby with the caption:  “Hello friends.Beyond thrilled to announce The birth of our daughter Fianna Francis Masterson! Mom and baby are doing amazing. You can all refer to me as dj dadpants from now on… Wifey @bijouphillips will post a pic on her insta too. Cheers!” And she did! Bijou posted a picture of her and the baby, saying:  “Fianna Francis Masterson, 2/14/14 8LBS, 5OZ, 21in, she is a perfect valentine!!!”

It’s been almost a year since Joe Simpson divorced his wife, Tina, after 35 years of marriage. Rumors were flying that he was a closet homosexual and Tina finally discovered what was going on and that was the end of their marriage. Joe just got back from Miami, where he spent the Valentine’s Day weekend hanging out with 21-year-old Jonathan Keith. Joe was seen photographing Jonathan writhing in the sand and then they were photographed laying out on the beach together. Of course, everyone assumes he whisked his boyfriend off to Miami for fun and romance, but Joe tweeted, “The guy in the pics is my modeling Client. He was in Miami taking agency meetings. That’s it!!” Apparently, he’s telling people those photos he was taking of Jonathan on the beach — that was just practice! According to TMZ, 56-year-old Joe has been “managing” Jonathan for the last five months.

The cast of Modern Family is in Sydney, Australia, filming scenes for their show. Qantas decided to host a Modern Family party and the cast was posing with fans outside the party when Sarah Hyland was assaulted by a male fan who asked for a picture and then grabbed her breast. Sarah pushed him away and screamed, “Don’t touch me there!” before security stepped in and grabbed the guy before turning him over to the police. Sarah was so upset, she left the party in tears, tweeting her apologies to the fans she left behind, but said she “had to leave due to an inappropriate touch of a fan.”

The Miami Beach police officer who pulled Justin Bieber over for drag racing and driving under the influence has a bit of a sketchy record. Between 2001 and 2012, Officer Steven Cosner faced 15 charges of misconduct and was exonerated seven times. But out of those 15 times, Officer Cosner failed to show up for court hearings five times. And in each of those cases, he was reprimanded. Now when he pulled Justin over, Officer Cosner claimed he’d been racing at speeds between 50 and 60 mph, but GPS records show that could not have been the case. The GPS says that in the middle of the alleged race, Justin’s maximum top speed was 27mph. Justin’s attorneys definitely plan to use this information to their advantage should this go to trial.  Meantime, it looks like Justin is back with that Hooters waitress from Vegas he went indoor skydiving with last summer. Jordan Ozuna posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend from inside that spaceship mansion Justin is renting in Atlanta. What happened to Chantel Jeffries??


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