Showbiz Top 5: Kanye West and Drake postpone shows

Gravity still going strong at the box office… two ‘Boys Meets World’ weddings this weekend… CeeLo Green cleared of sexual assault charges… Justin Bieber photographed holding beer… Kanye West and Drake postpone shows.

It’s been three weeks now and “Gravity” is still going strong at the box office. It earned another $31 million for a first place finish, taking in more than $170 million in three weeks. Coming in second again, Tom Hanks’ “Captain Phillips” with $17.3 million. The remake of “Carrie” debuted in third place with $17 million. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” is still doing well, holding on to fourth place with $10.1 million. And rounding out the top five, Sylvester Stallone’s new movie, “Escape Plan” with $9.8 million. The big flop was the debut of “The Fifth Estate.” The movie about that Wiki-leaks dude came in eighth with only $1.7 million in ticket sales.

Can you wrap around your brain around TWO “Boy Meets World” weddings in one weekend??? On Saturday, Danielle Fishel married her boyfriend of five years, Tim Belusko. And who knew Topanga was a cougar? She’s 32 and he’s 25. They were married at a former cathedral in LA in front of 200 guests, including six bridesmaids and six groomsmen. And the very next day, Rider Strong got hitched to an actress named Alexandra Barreto. They kept it way more low key, tying the knot at a summer camp in Oregon. They kept that theme going with all the pre-wedding activities, with a ropes course and games and a talent show. The wedding party even had to sleep in bunk beds.

TMZ is reporting that the LA County DA’s office will clear CeeLo Green of charges that he sexually assaulted a woman by allegedly slipping ecstasy in her drink, but he will be charged with furnishing ecstasy, which is a felony. This woman told police that CeeLo spiked her drink and the next thing she knew she was in his bed. But TMZ says law enforcement had problems with her story because she and CeeLo had been dating for months and had already been intimate. As far as his punishment for furnishing ecstasy, TMZ says most people with a first offense get probation.

Justin Bieber was partying hard and shirtless in Houston on Friday. First, he was photographed at Nox Houston holding a Dox Equis beer. Justin’s only 19 and it’s illegal for him to drink, but the bar management claims they never served him, so he must’ve been holding it for somebody else, right? Later Justin hit up the VLive strip club, and even though they have a “no touching” policy, Justin laid his hand on a stripper’s behind and she didn’t mind one bit. DiamondsR4ever tweeted, “He touched my a** and I almost fainted. I’ve danced for a lot of celebrities and they normally don’t phase me but Justin had me in shock!” And then she felt the wrath of Beliebers. She later tweeted, “y’all Deranged Fans Are Not Gone Let Me Live!!!??”

What can you expect to see at Kanye West’s “Yeezus” tour? On the first night of his tour in Seattle, fans were treated to a show that started two hours late. But then they got to experience two hours worth of entertainment featuring 27 songs, a fake mountain, a full choir and Confederate flags. And before “Jesus Walks,” a Jesus lookalike walked out on stage and Kanye asked, “White Jesus, is that you?”  On the second night of the “Yeezus” tour, the fans in Vancouver were treated to a postponement. No explanation was given, but the show has been rescheduled for Halloween. Drake also wasn’t having luck making it to the stage on Saturday. About an 90 minutes after his show was supposed to begin, fans were told that the concert was canceled because of “an unexpected technical issue.” Drake will make it up to them on December 18.

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