Kanye West cancelled on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

Chad kicked off of “Bachelor in Paradise”… Will Luke be the next Bachelor?… Aaron Rodgers and the family drama… Frightening mistake on “America’s Got Talent”… and Kanye West cancelled on Carpool Karaoke

If you don’t mind losing brain cells, you will tune in to watch this season’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” But in case you missed last night’s premiere episode, the bad guy you love to hate is already gone. Chad Johnson got super drunk, cussed out and threatened to kill his fellow contestants and then passed out, which is when he apparently pooped his pants. Host Chris Harrison was given the task of kicking Chad off the show, which sent him into full meltdown mode. Chad has since apologized to Chris, who says he has no hard feelings. Chad blames his behavior on healthy living. Apparently, he worked out super hard for two months preparing for the show and, due to his low body fat, he had a very severe reaction when he drank an entire bottle of champagne.

We all know now that JoJo picked Aaron Rodgers, only now she just has to figure out how to get rid of his brother Jordan first. JoJo and Jordan were on Good Morning America to talk about their wedding plans. Jordan’s apparently okay with eloping but JoJo is not down with that. She also says she plans on taking his last name, which will work out perfectly when she dumps him and finally gets to marry Aaron. JoJo also says she thinks Luke or Chase would be good as the next Bachelor, although she admits that when she sent Luke home, “America died.” So maybe it’s in America’s best interest for Luke to be the next Bachelor.

So a big topic of conversation during this season of “The Bachelorette” was the feud between Aaron Rodgers and his entire family. A family insider told Us Weekly that it all boils down to one thing: Aaron’s girlfriend Olivia Munn. The source says Olivia has “a strong personality and every meeting she’s had with them has gone badly.” But a source close to Olivia says Aaron makes his own decisions and wouldn’t be swayed by Olivia.

During the live broadcast of “America’s Got Talent” last night, daredevil sword swallower Ryan Stock was shot in the neck with a flaming arrow fired at him by his fiancee, Amber Lynn Walker. She was aiming for an 8-inch target Ryan was holding in his mouth and she missed. Ryan assured the crowd that the arrow caught his shirt and he was okay, but everyone was freaking out. When they came back from commercial break, Nick Cannon assured us all that Ryan was checked out backstage by EMTs and he was fine. But will Ryan survive the results show tonight? Tune in to find out.

Watch the frightening mistake on “America’s Got Talent.”

James Corden has been trying to get Kanye West to do Carpool Karaoke for some time now. So far, Kanye’s canceled on him twice. But James told British GQ that Kanye apologized with the delivery of three dozen white roses arranged in the shape of a cube, adding, “What could be more Kanye than that!” As far as James’ dream Carpool Karaoke companion? That would be Beyonce. He says it would break the internet. Apparently, it’s in the works. They just have to wait until she’s off tour to do it.


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