Kanye West & Gap Splitting Up

Casting news… Prince Harry delays memoir… Carrie Underwood’s marriage… Nicki Minaj filed a lawsuit… and Kanye West & Gap splitting up

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Casting news — They’re in final negotiations, but according to “Variety,” Regé-Jean Page and Glen Powell will star in and executive produce a new series for Amazon about the lives of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Regé will play Butch and Glen will play Sundance. And Lorne Michaels is busy filling the holes left behind by 7 non-returning cast members. He’s hired four new cast members you’ve probably never heard of but they’re hoping to be the next big household names — Marcello Hernandez, Michael Longfellow, Devon Walker and Molly Kearney, who makes history as SNL’s first non-binary cast member.

Out of respect for his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry will revise his upcoming memoir. The book was originally scheduled to be released in November, but now it will be held back till early 2023. Sources say Harry is deciding which “truth bombs” he wants to drop from the book, including anything negative he wrote about his father, who is now the king, and his brother, William, who extended an olive branch by asking Harry and Meghan to go out and see all the memorials left by mourners for their grandmother. Publishers also want Harry to write about how he’s feeling since the Queen passed away.

I’ve looked for other sources to back this up, so take this with a grain of salt….but OK! Magazine is reporting that Carrie Underwood’s 12-year marriage to Mike Fisher is on the rocks. Their proof is that she showed up for the taping of “CMT Giants” yesterday solo. But they also have a source that told them Carrie “puts on a happy show for the cameras, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes…..The truth is, they’ve had issues for years.”

On Monday, a YouTuber who goes by Nosey Heaux posted a video on Twitter, calling Nicki Minaj a “cokehead” and claiming she’s known for shoving cocaine up her nose. She also made some awful comments about Nicki’s one-year-old son. Nicki wasted no time in filing a $75K defamation lawsuit against Nosey Heaux, aka Marley Green. Nicki’s attorney released a statement saying, “Marley Green is a disgrace — someone so lacking in fundamental decency that she has posted vile comments about Nicki’s one year-old son. When this case is over, she will no longer be permitted to use the name ‘Nosey Heaux’ because we will take her trademark from her when she does not have enough money to pay the judgment.” He also promised, “Anyone else who spreads lies about Nicki will suffer a similar fate. My marching orders are to aggressively sue anyone with a media or social media following who damages her with intentional lies. Eventually, the lesson will be learned.”

Kanye West has notified the Gap that their partnership is over. According to the “Wall Street Journal,” Kanye’s lawyers sent a letter to the Gap yesterday notifying them his is terminating their arrangement because the Gap breached their agreement. Kanye claims the Gap didn’t let him set the price points, making the clothes way more expensive. They also promised him five Yeezy Gap retail stores by July 31, 2023, and so far, not one has opened. And Kanye was also frustrated that nobody at the Gap would listen to him, acting like he was “on mute or something.” Kanye told CNBC, “Don’t bring a leader in and have them not lead. Why would I argue with people who are getting paid by the Gap? I’m sorry, I’m not gonna argue with people who are broker than me about money.” While there will be no future collaborations, Gap still has the rights to sell whatever Yeezy Gap products that remain.


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