Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Court Showdown

Academy seeks to clarify… Scarlett Johansson’s daughter has a question… Jennifer Garner plans milestone birthday… Simon Leviev gets himself scammed… and Kanye West & Kim Kardashian court showdown

Last year’s Oscars was the lowest-rated in history, with just 10.4M people tuning in. Under pressure from ABC to pick up the pace and make it more entertaining, the Academy announced last week that eight categories (documentary short, film editing, makeup/hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live-action short, and sound) will be presented before the telecast, edited down, with the highlights aired later in the broadcast. This is ruffling the feathers of the nominees in those categories because it makes them feel like they don’t matter. The Academy is now explaining in more detail how this will work. The nominees’ names will be read from the stage. The winners will be able to give an acceptance speech the same length as every other winner. They’ll just edit out the long walk to the stage from the back of the room and nervously unfolding a very long piece of paper with the names of about 50 people to thank. And they promise that the most important and emotional moments of their acceptance speeches will not be edited out.

In a new interview with “InStyle,” Scarlett Johansson said her 7-year-old daughter, Rose, is in the phase of asking “Why?” all the time. Scarlett said was wearing a thong in front of her daughter when “she asked me why my underwear went up my butt crack, and I had to try to explain what a panty line was. I was like, ’cause you don’t want a line in your pants.’ She was like ‘Why?’ And I was like, ’cause then you could see my underwear,’ and she was like ‘But you are wearing underwear’ . . . Like I know, it’s weird.” Her daughter also asked why she was tweezing her eyebrows, curling her eyelashes, and what other feminine products are. So it turns out, celebrities’ kids are just like our kids!

Jennifer Garner may be the nicest person on the planet. Leading up to her 50th birthday, she’s doing 50 Somethings in 50 Days. She highlights things that make her happy, including No. 48. On her IG Story, Jennifer shared a video from a coffee shop and captioned it, “No. 48 Coffee is always a worthwhile little act of kindness.” ‘She then dropped a $100 bill and bought coffee for the people standing in line behind her, telling the barista, “Just tell them to have a good day and pass it on.”

Simon Leviev served a little jail time, but other than that, he is reaping lots of benefits from being the “Tinder Swindler.” Well, FINALLY, someone scammed the scammer! Sources told TMZ that Simon was hit up by a verified female on Instagram who claimed she could help Simon and his girlfriend Kate Konlin get verified through her best friend, who happens to work at Meta. Simon then FaceTimed with this BF, who was in a busy office that looked a lot like it could be Meta. There were employees walking around and everything. The BF “Meta” employee told Simon that he could give him the blue check mark — as well as delete all the fake accounts under his name — for $6664. Simon happily sent the payments through PayPal in 2 separate transactions — one for him and one for his girlfriend Kate. TMZ says that after the payments were made, Simon’s manager got a little suspicious and reached out to an actual Meta employee, who said they don’t charge people for verifications. But before anyone could get in touch with the people who’d scammed Simon, they’d erased themselves from the internet. However, thanks to his manager, Simon did get verified on Instagram yesterday.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be in court today — or their lawyers will, at least — to move this divorce along. Kim is hoping that she will be declared single today and legally go back to her maiden name. The child custody and financial stuff will be handled later. Kanye issued a statement to Hollywood Unlocked, saying, “I’ve asked my team to expedite the dissolution of my marriage to Kim so I can put my entire attention into our beautiful children.” Kanye has fired his third attorney and has now hired his fourth to represent him. She is powerful celebrity divorce attorney Samantha Spector, who represented Amber Heard against Johnny Depp and Nicole Young against Dr. Dre. Kim and Kanye are due in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday to discuss the “status” situation. It doesn’t appear there will be any issues moving forward on this issue with the parties, including reinstating the reality star’s name back to “Kim Kardashian” from “Kim Kardashian West.”

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