Kanye West ‘may leave hospital by Monday’

Box office weekend news… Ed Sheeran’s face was slashed… Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still together… Britney Spears went on a date… and Kanye West ‘may leave hospital by Monday’

Disney’s 56th animated movie “Moana” was number one at the box office, taking in $81.1 million over the long 5-day holiday weekend. That fell short of the record set by Disney’s “Frozen,” which earned $93.6 million when it opened the same time three years ago. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was second in its second week with $65.8 million. Coming in third was “Doctor Strange” with $18.9 million. Brad Pitt’s new “Allied” debuted in fourth with $18 million. And rounding out the top five was “Arrival” with $15.6 million.

They say chicks dig dudes with scars — or something like that — so maybe this will end up working in Ed Sheeran’s favor. So Ed was hanging out at a party with James Blunt and Princess Beatrice when James joked that he’d like to be knighted. So Beatrice grabbed a sword to do the whole tapping on each shoulder bit and when she swung around, she accidentally slashed Ed across the cheek. Thankfully, she missed his eye, but this was still bad. Ed’s girlfriend rushed him to the hospital for stitches.

Forget those rumors that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up because she’s ready for marriage and babies and he’s not. While it may be true about the marriage and babies part, Katy and Orlando proved they’re still together by posting a video on Instagram showing them hanging out with Katy’s family wearing onesies. They captioned one of their photos, “Hi, Internet.” Apparently, if celebrity couples aren’t up under each other 24/7, we all assume they’re relationship is either in trouble or over. In this case, they’ve just had really busy schedules that have kept them apart.


Britney Spears went on a date this weekend with the guy from her “Slumber Party” video. His name is Sam Asghari. He’s a Persian fitness model and personal trainer who also had a role in Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” video. Recently, Sam told some random men’s self-improvement website, “I’ve learned that there’s nothing a woman likes more than a confident man, not too cocky, just a very humble gentleman. No girl I know likes cocky.” Sam posted a picture on his Instagram showing him and Britney enjoying a sushi date. He deleted it but of course, everybody who saw it took a screen grab so it’s all over the internet.

Kanye West may be well enough to leave the hospital today. He’s been in UCLA Medical Center for a week, reportedly battling exhaustion. But sources say he’s been battling extreme paranoia, believing that people are our to destroy his marriage to Kim Kardashian and even kill him. Reportedly, Kanye was convinced that Jay Z had put a hit out on him, and he wouldn’t let doctors touch him because he was afraid they were out to get him, too. Sources say Kim has been a rock for Kanye, putting aside her own emotional issues from the Paris robbery to help her husband. A source told “Us Weekly” Kim’s been sleeping by Kanye’s side and spoon-feeding him. The source said, “Kim has been keeping a very close watch on him and not letting people disturb him. All kinds of people have called and sent flowers, but she’s being very careful about not letting him get wound up and making sure he rests and recovers.”


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