SPOILER ALERT… Nik Wallenda’s walk… SXSW plans amid coronavirus concerns… Britney Spears’ son has been muted… and Katy Perry is pregnant

SPOILER ALERT: It was the last round of competition for Group B of “The Masked Singer.” At the end of the night, The Taco had to reveal himself. After guesses that included Martin Short, Barry Manilow, Kelsey Grammer and Jerry Springer, The Taco revealed himself to be “Dancing With the Stars” host Tom Bergeron. Next week, it’s Group C’s turn! The Astronaut, Bear, Night Angel, Rhino, T-Rex, and Swan will be singing their little masked faces off.

They dragged it out for two hours, bur Nik Wallenda finally picked up his balance bar, put on his gas mask, and walked across the gaping, steaming mouth of the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua — which is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Nik said he spent the last 6 or 7 years preparing for this, visiting different volcanos and practicing walking on a high-wire with a smoke machine going full blast. And after all that preparation, it was over in 31 minutes. Yes, Nik was wearing a safety harness and the internet is ticked about it. But let’s be honest, some people wouldn’t have considered this a great stunt unless Nik actually fell face first into the boiling lava.

The SXSW Festival is scheduled for March 13-22 and as of right now, it’s still a go. However, a lot of major players are pulling out because of they’re afraid of the Coronavirus. The Wrap is reporting Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Vevo, Intel, China Gathering, Mashable, TikTok, SAP and The LatinX House have all canceled their events and appearances. There’s actually a Change.org petition to get the event canceled. As of now, no artists have pulled out, but one music industry insider told Billboard that some of his clients are starting to get cold feet. As of now, there are 11 known cases of Coronavirus in Texas, all in San Antonio, which is less than 100 miles from Austin.

Jayden Federline went rogue on his Instagram Live, promising to give lots of scoop about his mom if he got 5000 followers. His mom happens to be Britney Spears. During the live Q&A, somebody asked Jayden if he was going to get in trouble with his dad, but he said his dad wouldn’t care, adding, “I have the best dad ever. My dad’s literally Jesus.” Well, Kevin Federline did care. His attorney released a statement saying that Jayden’s Instagram rant was “the result of a 13-year-old acting like a 13-year-old” and that Kevin is treating this as a serious “family matter.” All we know is, Jayden’s Instagram is now set to private.

Surprise! Katy Perry is pregnant! She made the big reveal in her music video for her new song “Never Worn White.” This will be Katy’s first child. Fiancé Orlando Bloom has 9-year-old son Flynn from his previous marriage to Miranda Kerr. Katy did an Instagram Live after the video premiered on YouTube. She said this was probably the longest secret she’s ever had to keep and that the baby will be here some time this summer. She also talked about how she’s developed a craving for spicy things and has started carrying a bottle of Tabasco sauce in her purse.

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