Katy Perry Live-Streams Herself For 72 Hours

Weekend box office news… Nick Gordon has been arrested… Jennifer Lawrence’s emergency landing… “Bachelor in Paradise” shut down production… and Katy Perry live-streams herself for 72 hours

“Wonder Woman” knocked the wind out of Tom Cruise this weekend, taking in another $57.2 million for first place. Tom’s reboot of “The Mummy” opened in second with $32.2 million. But it’s not ALL bad news for Tom, because internationally, he kicked butt. “The Mummy” is the best global opening of Tom’s career, with $141.8 million in ticket sales.

Less than a year after Nick Gordon was found to be legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, he has been arrested for kidnapping and beating up his girlfriend of two months. Twenty-six-year-old Laura Leal claims the two of them were at a bar Friday night when Nick thought she was trying to hook up with one of his friends. That started a fight that continued after they got home. Laura claims when she tried to leave, Nick wouldn’t let her. And then she says he flew into a rage and started punching her. She says the beatings continued through the night until she finally woke up Nick’s mom, who then drove Laura to her sister’s house, where she called the police.

It’s something you never want to hear when you’re 30K feet in the air — the engine died. It happened to Jennifer Lawrence Saturday. She had just enjoyed some quality time with the fam in Louisville, KY, and was flying private back to NY when the plane lost power in one of its engines and the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Buffalo. But as the pilot was going in, the second engine failed, too! But the pilot still managed to land safely and everyone is okay.

ABC shut down production of “Bachelor in Paradise” and told everyone to pack up and leave Mexico while they investigate allegations of misconduct between a couple of cast members. Reportedly, one of the producers had a problem with what he or she saw happen between DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios. DeMario told someone who told TMZ that he and Corinne were told that one of their story lines would involve the two of them hooking up. So they met at the bar and started drinking, and then — according to DeMario — Corinne jumped in his lap and they started making out. He says she suggested they take it to the swimming pool, where things got super raunchy while cameras rolled. I mean, like, porn nasty. Apparently, DeMario and Corinne were cool with it but a producer who saw the footage was not and filed a formal complaint with Warner Bros., who then shut down production to launch an investigation. The show is still on the schedule to premiere Aug. 8, but some are saying this is so bad, the entire season may be scrapped.

Katy Perry is doing a 72-hour YouTube livestream to promote the release of her new album, “Witness.” It all ends with a free concert for 1000 fans in LA today. Cameras have show her every move, including when she’s doing yoga or sleeping or visiting with celebrity guests. Katy even had a therapist come in, which is when she broke down in tears. At one point one of her people could be heard strongly suggesting that Katy stop the cameras, but she refused. Katy admitted to past problems with alcohol and how she’s contemplated suicide. She also talked about how this “Katy Perry” alter ego she created is too much for her sometimes, which is one of the reasons she cut off all her hair. She just wants to be the nerdy goofball Katheryn Hudson she was before she became famous. And when she was doing an interview with James Corden, he asked her to rank her lovers, but he only gave her three choices — Diplo, Orlando Bloom and John Mayer. What about her ex-husband, Russell Brand?? Without that option, Katy ranked Diplo’s third, Orlando second and John first. And during another interview with Arianna Huffington, Katy said she’s ready to end her feud with Taylor Swift. She said, “I’m ready to let it go. Absolutely, 100 percent. I forgive her, and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her, and I think it’s actually ― I think it’s time.”

Katy Perry opens up to Dr. Siri Singh about the overwhelming pressures of being a popstar and a female in the public eye.

James Corden swings by Witness World Wide headquarters and Katy ranks her best lovers.


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