Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Spotted KISSING In Cannes

Box office weekend news… More shows canceled… Billy Bush on “Today”… Ruby Rose was kicked out a bar… and Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom spotted KISSING in Cannes

“Captain America: Civil War” was number one at the box office for a second week, taking in another $72.6 million. “The Jungle Book” is still second with $17.8 million. The new “Money Monster” starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts debuted in third with $15 million.

NBC has canceled another show. “The Mysteries of Laura” is gone after two seasons. The fate of “The Carmichael Show” is still up in the air. But if you’re a fan of “Blacklist,” you’ll be excited to know that Ryan Eggold — who plays Tom Keen — is getting his own spinoff called “Blacklist: Redemption.” It also stars the super sexy Famke Janssen. As of right now, the new “Celebrity Apprentice” with Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over for Donald Trump isn’t on the fall schedule. It may be ready to go by late 2016 or early 2017.

It’s expected to be announced this week that Billy Bush is going to co-host the 9am hour of “Today,” which will be in direct competition with the new “Live with Kelly” (until it becomes “Live with Kelly and BLANK”). If things go well for Billy, his role could be expanded even further.  Plus, Matt Lauer’s contract is up at the end of the year……Meantime, Savannah Guthrie has a couple years left on her “Today” contract and insiders say she’s becoming a bigger star than Matt.

Ruby Rose was kicked out a bar in New Orleans Friday night after she started throwing french fries at the waitstaff. Ruby doesn’t deny tossing her fries, but she says she only did it after one of the bartenders started mocking her sobriety. She posted on Facebook Saturday:  “My assistant, tour manager and myself arrived at an establishment last night for dinner before my show in New Orleans. We waited 60 minutes for fries and over 90 minutes for food that never actually arrived. When I asked about it, the bartender offered us drinks. I explained I’m sober, but thank you. He then made some really rude and vulgar comments to the table. When someone makes repeated derogatory jokes about the sobriety I worked so hard to achieve, it’s hard not to react emotionally. So I threw a singular fry at him. Then he came back as we were getting ready to leave and continued making awful comments, so I continued with the fries. Every day I learn new lessons about handling cultural and social ignorance. I am deeply regretful to the French fry and I am regretful that I reacted at all. Maybe next time I won’t throw fries, then again, maybe next time that bartender won’t tell someone who is sober to ‘go call your f—king sponsor!’” Ruby added that she worked in the hospitality industry for 5 years and has “huge love, respect and admiration for servers around the world and how hard they work.”

We all saw it. Last week, Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez were laying all over each other in the VIP section of a Vegas nightclub. Then Katy Perry put out a couple of cryptic tweets that had us all thinking that Orlando cheated on her, but then she basically called us out for twisting things and threw up a link to her boyfriend doing charity work. Fast forward to yesterday and we all see pictures of Katy and Orlando sitting on a yacht in Cannes K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  So what did he say to get himself out of this one??? One source told HollywoodLife.com that the thing is, Katy is basically addicted to him. The source said, “She’s fallen so hard for Orlando and she doesn’t want to lose him. Katy feels like they have a deep soul connection, plus their sex life is next level. She just doesn’t want to give that up.”


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