Katy Perry Will Collaborate with Taylor Swift if She Apologizes

Weekend box office news… Our Miss America winner… Charlie Sheen moved home with his parents… Beyonce’s backup dancer proposes… and Katy Perry will collaborate with Taylor Swift if she apologizes

“Sully” took first place at the box office, earning $35.6 million in its first week out the gate. Coming in second with less than half that amount was “When the Bough Breaks,” which earned $14.9 million. “Don’t Breathe” took in another $7.9 million for third, followed by “Suicide Squad” with $5.7 million and “The Wild Life” with $3.3 million.

Congratulations to Savvy Shields, who handed over her Miss Arkansas sash and became Miss America last night. And congratulations to the outgoing Miss America Betty Cantrell, who passed the torch and then announced her engagement on Snapchat, “Btw I’m engaged now!!!!!!!! #missamerica2016out.” Betty will soon become Mrs. Spencer Maxwell, who is following his bride-to-be to Nashville where she will pursue her dream of becoming a country music singer.

@MissAmericaAR, the year is yours. Can't wait to see what you're going to do! #MissAmerica

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RadarOnline.com is reporting that Charlie Sheen has blown through almost all of his cash and has moved back home with his parents! Less than five years ago, Charlie was the highest paid actor on television, bringing in $1.8 million for each episode of “Two and a Half Men.” A source says at one point, Charlie was worth over $125 million, but he threw it all away on expensive planes, drugs, women, and then payoffs to keep his HIV status a secret. Now Charlie is living in the guesthouse behind his parents’ place in Malibu. He’s in such bad shape financially that his ex-wives agreed to cut their child support payments in half. Both Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller have two children with Charlie. They both agreed to go from about $55K/month down to around $25K/month. But the source says it won’t be long before Charlie won’t be able to afford ANY child support because no one is willing to hire him.

Beyonce was performing in St. Louis Saturday night and in the middle of “Single Ladies,” she stopped down so one of her backup dancers could propose to his girlfriend. Beyonce handed John Silver the mic and he took the hand of dance captain Ashley Everett, dropped down on one knew and she said yes! Then Ashley jumped right back into the routine, only this time, she was waving that left hand in the air and flashing her great big diamond ring.

Beyoncé Arranges On-Stage Marriage Proposal

Katy Perry was doing a Q&A on Twitter when one fan asked her if she would ever collaborate with Taylor Swift, and Katy tweeted back, “If she says sorry, sure!” Taylor hasn’t tweeted back but she MAY respond in song because she’s back in the studio working on a new album.


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