Kelly Ripa No-show On ‘Live’

Jennifer Aniston is People’s ‘Most Beautiful Woman’… “The Bachelorette” drama… Khloe Kardashian joins Snapchat… Waka Flocka Flame weed overdose?… and Kelly Ripa No-show On ‘Live’

Jennifer Aniston is cute as a button, but do you think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world? People magazine says she is! At least as far as 2016 is concerned. Jennifer said she was very, VERY flattered when she first heard the news and had an “excited, teenage-y kind of moment.” For all of her tips and secrets for being the most beautiful woman in the world, you have to buy the magazine.

We have a little more interest than usual in the upcoming season of “The Bachelorette” because Jenna is sorta kinda friends with JoJo Fletcher. They’re in the middle of filming the season now, but according to friend of the show Reality Steve, JoJo is already down to her final five. But she’s about to be burned because one of the final five has a girlfriend back home that he’s dated for four years! Apparently, he’s a model who only signed up for the show to become rich and famous. But the thing is, he didn’t tell his girlfriend he was doing the show. He just took off without even saying goodbye!

Our show has suddenly become very interested in Snapchat, so let me take this opportunity to welcome Khloe Kardashian to the world of quickie pics and videos. After all of her sisters got Snapchats, Khloe decided to see what all the fuss is about and joined yesterday afternoon. She posted a video, saying, “This is so scary. My very first Snapchat. But I got a good filter so it’s all good. Hi everybody on Snap.” And then a few minutes later, she started playing with the filters, turned herself into an alien, and then introduced her first Snapchat co-star, Lamar Odom, whom she also turned into an alien.

When Big Al and I were in Colorado, we were told you can’t overdose on weed, but according to Waka Flocka Flame, yes, you can! He partied a little too hard Sunday night, gorging on edibles and smoking way too much pot. He posted a picture of himself lying down in the back of an ambulance, captioning it, “Aw man. #seattle was too much last night. #nonGMO edibles and 20 or more blunts later.” EMTs checked him out and decided he should just go home and sleep it off. But despite his little scare, Waka Flocka will still celebrate 4/20, telling TMZ he will be high from morning till night today.

Kelly Ripa was LIVID when she found out Michael Strahan was leaving her show because he didn’t tell her what was going on until — literally — the very last second. After they wrapped yesterday’s live show, Michael pulled Kelly and producer Michael Gelman over to the side and told them he was leaving the show this summer to do “Good Morning America” full time. Michael explained that Disney execs told him not to discuss negotiations with ANYONE, including his “Live” co-workers. But he did want to tell them before the news went public minutes later. They were blindsided. In fact, Kelly is so angry that she no-showed this morning! A source told TMZ that she feels disrespected and humiliated and that she may sit out the show for the foreseeable future!


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