Kendall Jenner’s Return To The Spotlight & MORE!

“Survivor” contestant outed… “Fear Factor” is coming back… Nudie pictures leaked… Kendall’s return to the spotlight… and It’s Kellie’s birthday!

Everybody is furious at “Survivor” contestant Jeff Varner, who — in a last-ditch effort to save himself from being eliminated — outed fellow tribe member Zeke Smith as being transgender. It didn’t work. His torch was snuffed out.

Zeke Smith outed as transgender on ‘Survivor’

“Fear Factor” is coming back! The show first launched on NBC back in 2001 with Joe Rogan hosting. It ran for six seasons, which is right when they ran out of gross ideas and people lost interest. But MTV is bringing it back with new host Ludacris! It premieres on May 30. Each hour-long episode will feature eight contestants — four teams of two — facing off in frightening challenges to win a $50K prize.

Another day, another round of a celebrity having nudie pictures leaked on the internet. This time, Kate Hudson is the alleged victim. Those who have seen them say, without a doubt, it’s her. No word yet on whether her team is considering legal action.

After her Pepsi commercial debacle, Kendall Jenner went into hiding to lick her wounds. But she’s ready to get back out there and show her face again, choosing Coachella celebrations for her return to the spotlight. Along with her sister, Kylie, Kendall is hosting a private party for the Bumble dating app. She and Kylie will also guest DJ an event for 1OAK.

It’s my birthday!!! And I’m going to Vegas!!! And I’m going backstage to hang out with the Backstreet Boys!!! And my fingers and toes are crossed that they’ll pull me up on stage to serenade me with my favorite Backstreet Boys song “As Long As You Love Me”!!! Yay me!!!


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