Kevin Admits He Cheated On His Wife

Weekend box office news… Mario Lopez in a spa fight?… Prince-related items up for sale… Blac Chyna wants more money from Rob Kardashian… and Kevin admits he cheated on his wife

“It” continues its reign at the box office. Last week, “It” debuted with $120 million, making it the highest earning movie opening for the month of September. And now after earning another $60 million, “It” beat out “Crocodile Dundee” as the highest-grossing September release in history. “American Assassins” opened in second with $14.8 million. But “mother!” was a big stinker, opening in third with just $7.5 million. And the ones who did see that one weren’t happy they did. Audiences have given it a big fat “F.”

They may have settled custody over their daughter, but Blac Chyna isn’t done with Rob Kardashian in court. TMZ’s sources say Chyna still wants big money from Rob, who had a meltdown after she sent him pictures of her in bed with another man and posted naked pictures of her on the internet in revenge. Chyna claims she lost out on a couple of weight-loss endorsements because the pictures showed she’d had plastic surgery when the companies wanted it to appear that she’d lost weight naturally. Sources says Chyna’s going for seven figures.

If you want a piece of Prince, this is your chance. RR Auction has about 200 Prince-related items up for sale, including handwritten lyrics for “The Ladder”…His Parade Tour tambourine…a pair of yellow boots he wore onstage from 1986-1992…one of his lace crop tops…They’re even auctioning off 9 pages of editing notes Prince made to his “Purple Rain” script. Those are expected to go for more than $12K. Bidding ends Sept. 27.

Mario Lopez needs to watch where he’s walking! He was in Vegas to catch Jennifer Lopez’s show and decided to get in a little workout at the gym in Planet Hollywood. Yeah…he’s THAT guy. Anyway, Mario was coming out of the gym’s bathroom when he rounded the corner and bumped into another one of those guys who goes to the gym at the hotel. (Who ARE these people???) Well, this guy went OFF on Mario, yelling, “Why did you push me?!!” Mario tried to apologize, but the man just got angrier, grabbing Mario’s brand new iPhone that he just bought THAT DAY and smashed it to the ground. Before things got physical, security jumped in and pinned the guy to the ground until police arrived. Mario refused to press charges, so the man wasn’t arrested. But TMZ says the police even called Mario back later that night and asked, “Are you SURE you don’t want to press charges?” and he said no. Planet Hollywood felt bad about the phone, though, and shelled out $1200 to get Mario another one.

Remember how Kevin Hart was laughing at those rumors that he cheated on his pregnant wife? He’s not laughing now. Kevin admits he cheated on his wife, but he says he was set up. Last month, Kevin began receiving threatening e-mails, saying they and a video of him cheating on his pregnant wife and they were going to release it unless he paid up. They went back and forth until the extortionist asked for more than $10 million. That’s when Kevin went to the police and now the FBI are involved. The video is edited to just under 5 minutes and it includes interviews of Kevin talking about how he doesn’t cheat on his wife and then cuts to the proof that he cheated on his wife.


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