Fergie is no longer a Black Eyed Pea… Will Ryan Seacrest host American Idol?… Kathy Griffin wants to get roasted… Mariah’s plan to her ex back… and Kevin Durant stares Rihanna down

Will.i.am has confirmed it. Fergie is no longer a Black Eyed Pea. A source told E! News that she’s been phasing herself out of the group for a while to focus on her solo career….and she hasn’t recorded any new music with the Black Eyed Peas in over five years, so it should be rather obvious that she was done. But apparently, it was news to Taboo because he just unfollowed Fergie on social media.

When we found out American Idol was coming back, we all assumed Ryan Seacrest would be back on board as the host. But Randy Jackson told Entertainment Tonight that he was actually approached to take the gig! Randy said they told him, “Look man, look. You got it. You know how to do it, dog.” But he said he would only host WITH Ryan, which, in essence, would make him Brian Dunkleman, right? So far, the ONLY person confirmed to be a part of the new Idol is judge Katy Perry. And the rumor is, because Katy is being paid so much, they can’t meet Ryan’s salary demands.

One little beheaded president photo cost Kathy Griffin her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty, her NYE hosting gig on CNN, and several standup comedy gigs across the country. Realizing she has to do something to turn this thing around, Kathy has lawyered up and she’s holding a press conference today to explain the motivation behind the photo shoot and reveal that she’s been bullied by the Trumps. And HollywoodLife.com is reporting that Kathy is asking Comedy Central to roast her. A source says she wants to show everybody that she thinks it will humanize her. Plus, everybody who is so angry at her will love watching other celebrities make fun of her and MAYBE even feel a little sorry for her.

Okay. So RadarOnline.com was saying that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were giving their relationship another try. But now they’re saying that it was all part Mariah’s plan to get back at her ex backup-dancing boy toy Bryan Tanaka jealous and make him jealous, and it worked! Now Mariah and Bryan are back together and Radar says she’s pressuring him to get married….like, now. A quickie marriage shouldn’t be TOO surprising considering Mariah and Nick married after two months of dating.

Everybody’s talking about last night’s stare-down between Rihanna and Kevin Durant this morning. Rihanna makes no secret of the fact that she’s a STAN for LeBron James. And when LeBron’s Cavaliers were getting killed by Kevin’s Warriors last night, Rihanna heckled Kevin a bit. She apparently yelled, “Brick!” right before Kevin took a free throw and he stared her down. People were tweeting about it all night. And at the press conference after the Warriors beat the Cavs 113-91, a reporter asked Kevin about , but when a reporter asked Kevin about his interaction with Rihanna during the game, Kevin said, “Don’t get in the trap.” The reporter said, “…You looked towards the crowd towards Rihanna.” Kevin said, “I don’t even remember that.” So, who knows! But the social media commentary was fun to watch. And here’s a little interesting news that Us Weekly just uncovered! When he was in college at the University of Texas, Kevin dated Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay! Their source says it was a serious relationship, too! But they broke up when Rachel went on to study law at Marquette University after she got her B.S. in Sports Management.

When you asked Kevin Durant about him staring down Rihanna and give everyone in media their viral story for the morning #nbafinals

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