Dorinda Medley is leaving RHONY… Former TMZ employee sues… Bella Thorne has made $2 million… Billie Eilish’s dog took a giant poop… and Kevin Hart roasts NBC for mistaking him for Usain Bolt

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When Dorinda Medley announced she was leaving “The Real Housewives of New York” after six seasons, I was good with that. But I also knew there had to be more to the story, and there is! A source told Page Six Dorinda was filming an episode of ABC’s “The $100,000 Pyramid” when she got the call that she’d been fired, and she was blindsided by the news. This season of RHONY has been criticized for its underlying theme of absolute black-out drunkenness, but when Dorinda drinks, she is MEAN. It’s one thing to stir the pot and bring the drama, but Dorinda is VICIOUS when she’s drunk and it’s just not fun to watch. The source said, “If she’d have said (at the end of the season), ‘Look — I’ve been depressed and that’s why I’m acting like this,’ or, ‘I miss my (husband Richard, who died in 2011),” and said she’d work on it, I think it would’ve been different.” But watching someone be a mean drunk? Speaking for Bravo, the source said, “That’s just not where they want the show to go.”

Bernadette Zilio worked at TMZ and its sister site TooFab from 2015 until she was fired in February of this year. She is now suing them, saying she was fired in retaliation for going to human resources to complain about the sexist work environment. In her filing with the EEOC in LA yesterday, Bernadette described the environment at her former place of employment as “100% a bro fest” and a “freaking frat house.” She claims that she and other female co-workers were “belittled and abused, held to different and more stringent standards…denied advancement opportunities, and retaliated against when (they) resisted the sexist and misogynistic ways.” Bernadette said that when she went to human resources, she was promised that they would investigate, but within days, she was fired. She also claims that she was threatened if she spoke publicly about her experiences. (It sounds like they wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.) A rep for TMZ and TooFab claims Bernadette was fired for cause, and that “this is a blatant attempt to use negative publicity and inaccurate claims to force TooFab and TMZ to pay a monetary settlement.”

Bella Thorne not only crashed the OnlyFans subscription site the first day she logged on, she also earned $1M in her first 24 hours, making her the first person to do that. Bella also claims it took her less than a week to earn $2M! While OnlyFans is known mostly for its X-rated content, Bella said she’s not here for that. She is charging $20 a month to share some personal content and never-before-seen pictures. Her take is 80 percent of the subscription fee, plus tips. Bella said she’ll donate some of the money to charity, use some of the money to start a production company, and then she’ll make a movie about joining OnlyFans.

We’ve all been there. You walk into a room and smell dog poop. First thing you do? Check the bottom of your shoes. It happened to Billie Eilish. She didn’t have anything on the bottom of her shoes, either, but she wishes that’s all it was! Billie opened her closet door and discovered her dog had pooped all over several pairs of her rare and expensive sneakers! Her Yeezy Foam Runners customized with Louis Vuitton print, rare Jordan 1s, Jordan 3s, and Jordan 12s, and some ultra rare Air Jordan x Dior sneakers….all ruined! Billie didn’t say how much that cost her, but People Online estimated those were all worth about $8K.

NBC News tweeted yesterday, “World-record sprinter and eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt has tested positive for the coronavirus and is self-isolating at his home in Jamaica.” And beneath that blurb? A photo of Kevin Hart. Of course, they’re getting slammed for that huge mistake, which they blamed on a “technical error.” Kevin posted a screenshot of NBC’s tweet, captioning it, “No comment” with several face palm emojis. But then, of course, he commented. Kevin joked about it at first, saying, “I must of gotten really fast & tall overnight….I want to take advantage of this moment & race anybody in the world. We can bet whatever….S*** just got real. I am also no longer doing comedy due to my Olympic training schedule….IM BACK B****ES!!!!!!” But Kevin added the obvious, “P.S this is Disrespectful on so many levels….All you can do is laugh. Maybe the Covid 19 shrunk his legs & torso.”

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