Kevin Hart Stepped Down From Hosting The Oscars

Carrie Ann Inaba is taking Julie Chen… Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage to Brad Falchuk… Tyler Perry paid for layaways… Aaron Rodgers reunites with parents… and Kevin Hart has stepped down from hosting the Oscars

Because they still need just one more voice, Carrie Ann Inaba is taking Julie Chen’s old seat on “The Talk.” She even has Julie’s blessing. In her farewell video, she gave a shout out to Carrie Ann, saying “You’d look awfully good sitting in that chair, my Asian sister.” And now Carrie Ann will join Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, and Eve starting in January, and she will keep her “Dancing With the Stars” gig, as well.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been married to Brad Falchuk for just over 2 months now and she couldn’t be happier…but she and her husband still aren’t living together. She told WSJ Magazine that she and Brad are keeping their separate homes for now, and it’s all because of their kids. Gwyneth has Apple and Moses from her marriage to Chris Martin and Brad has Brody and Isabella with his ex-wife, Suzanne Bukinik. Gwyneth said, “With teenage kids, you’ve got to tread lightly. It’s pretty intense, the teenage thing.” Plus, Gwyneth admitted, “I’ve never been a stepmother before. I don’t know how to do it.” So for now, they ALL have visitation with each other. And says they found out that Gwyneth still keeps a room for Chris in her house!

Tyler Perry was trying to be a Secret Santa, but his cover was blown so he just went ahead and announced it himself on social media. Tyler went into two different Walmarts in Georgia and paid for all the layaways for Christmas! He explained that all people have to do is pay a penny to pick up their stuff. Tyler said he knows it’s a hard time for a lot of people and he’s just grateful to be in a position to do this. And you could tell he was so tickled to play Santa because he was trying to contain his joy and not laugh. Walmart thanked him online, saying, “Anonymous or not, we hope you know that you just made Christmas for so many families.” And one of their spokespeople told People that this act of generosity cost Tyler about $434K and covered about 1500 people.

Sometimes it takes being publicly shamed by your baby brother to make you do the right thing. On Nov. 21, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced that he was donating a million dollars to help people affected but the California wildfires. His brother Jordan tweeted, “PLEASE DONATE, SPREAD AWARENESS & SEND LOVE. But when your own Mom is home alone during the fires, car packed ready to evacuate, & you miss the fundamental first step of compassion; calling your parents to make sure they are safe…. Everything else just feels like an act.” So was that was finally did the trick? On Monday, Aaron was doing an interview and was asked how he reacted when he heard his head coach had been fired, and he revealed, “I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday. When I found out, I was as shocked as many of you were, I’m sure.” Well, not as shocked as we are that you were with your parents!!!! A source told People that the brothers have had a lifelong rivalry that came to a head a few years ago in an explosive argument when some really hurtful things were said. But now it looks like they’re on the path to forgiveness.

Two days after he announced he was hosting the Oscars, Kevin Hart has stepped down. After old homophobic tweets from 2010 resurfaced, the Academy told Keven to apologize. But Kevin said no. He explained that he’s already apologized for all these things and he’s a different person now. But to avoid being a distraction on a night, Kevin stepped down from hosting, and ultimately apologized again to the LGBTQ community. He said, “I’m sorry that I hurt people.. I am evolving and want to continue to do so. My goal is to bring people together not tear us apart. Much love & appreciation to the Academy. I hope we can meet again.”


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