Kevin Hart’s Former Friend Charged With Trying To Extort Him

Ashlee Simpson’s reality show… “Grey’s Anatomy” coming to an end… Sandra Bullock’s stalker found dead… Khloe Kardashian’s future with Tristan Thompson… and Kevin Hart’s former friend charged with trying to extort him

When these two say reality TV won’t hurt their marriage, you have to look at them with a little side-eye… Despite the example set for her by her big sister, Jessica and her now ex-husband Nick Lachey, Ashlee Simpson is doing a reality show with her husband Evan Ross. You’ll be able to catch it on E! Fourteen years ago, Ashlee starred in “The Ashlee Simpson Show” which followed her as she recorded her first album, “Autobiography.” Now the cameras will follow her and Evan as they record an album together. Will any of their famous family members pop up on the show? Evan is Diana Ross’ son, in case you forgot. But there’s no way Papa Joe Simpson won’t be a part of this, right??

Ellen Pompeo says we should all start bracing ourselves now. “Grey’s Anatomy” WILL be coming to an end. It won’t happen too terribly soon. After 14 seasons, Ellen just signed a $20 million contract to go for at least two more seasons. But know this — the show will NOT go on without Meredith Grey. Show creator Shonda Rhimes said she’ll keep the show going as long as Ellen is willing to do it. But Ellen told Us Weekly, “We’re getting there. Shonda (Rhimes) and I will make that decision together.”

Back in 2014, a frantic Sandra Bullock called 911, saying she was hiding in her safe room because a stalker had broken into her home. Joshua Corbett was sentenced to five years probation and treatment at a mental health facility. He also got slapped with a 10-year protective order that required him to stay away from Sandra. That man is now dead. Police went to Corbett’s home outside LA to serve a warrant because he didn’t show up for a probation hearing. Corbett barricaded himself inside his house, saying he had a weapon and threatened to kill the officers. SWAT officers were called in and after five hours trying to convince Corbett to surrender, officers entered the home and found him dead of a self-inflicted wound.

Kim Kardashian let everybody know — as politely as possible — how she feels about Tristan Thompson cheating on her then-pregnant sister, Khloe. Right after her interview with Ellen, Kim unfollowed Tristan on Instagram and he unfollowed her, so THERE. Khloe has remained silent on the subject, but has a recent move indicated that she’s hoping to make things work out with her baby daddy? Khloe has disabled comments on Instagram photos of her and Tristan. E! News is reporting that Khloe is still conflicted about her future with him, but her original plan to take baby True back to LA is off the table for now.

The man who allegedly tried to extort Kevin Hart over a tape that showed him hooking up with a woman who was NOT is pregnant wife was part of his entourage! Jonathan Todd Jackson has been arrested and charged with two felony counts of extortion. He’s being held on $100,000 bail. Last year, Kevin posted a video apologizing to his family for his “major lapse in judgment,” but said he refused to be taken advantage of by anyone trying to extort him. Sources told The Blast that when Kevin was told that someone in his inner circle was behind the extortion attempt, he refused to believe it. But now he does. He tweeted, “Mind blown…Hurt…at a lost for words and simply in complete disbelief at the moment. WOW.”


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