Khloe Kardashian shells out major cash for Lamar’s recovery

Bob Barker hospitalized after fall… Tracy Morgan launching stand-up tour… Is Janet Jackson in control of Instagram?… One Direction’s canceled show…  and Khloe Kardashian shells out major cash for Lamar’s recovery

Can you believe Bob Barker is 91?? He still likes to stay active, but while he was taking a walk near his home in the Hollywood Hills yesterday morning, he tripped and fell on the sidewalk. Luckily, some police officers happened to be driving and saw Bob fall. They were able to help him until paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital. Bob suffered a nasty cut to his forehead and he hurt his knee, but he is now home resting.

Tracy Morgan is launching a stand-up tour early next year. “Tracy Morgan:  Picking Up the Pieces” will kick off February 5 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. The tour will run through May. In a press release, Tracy said going on tour is like getting back on a bike after you fall down. He said, “You don’t forget where the pedals are.”

If you see Janet Jackson in concert, do NOT post any of it on Instagram. Without warning, Instagram started deleting accounts that posted Janet’s concert footage, saying the uploads violated copyrights and the accounts were being permanently deleted! This seemed a little extreme and many of Janet’s fans were extremely upset. But Instagram has some good news for the majority of those affected. A spokesperson says only “repeat infringers” should’ve had their accounts deleted. A bug in the system caused some accounts to get deleted that shouldn’t have been. They are in the process of reinstating accounts that were incorrectly shut down, but with a warning:  Don’t post any more Janet Jackson concert videos!!

Moments before they were set to take the stage in Belfast, One Direction pulled the plug. The announcer said, “Unfortunately, the show tonight has been canceled as Liam has been taken ill. And while it is not serious, he is unable to perform tonight.” Of course, the audience started howling in horror and disappointment. How sick must he be if the ENTIRE concert had to be canceled. Harry tweeted, “Deepest apologies to everyone at the show tonight in Belfast. Very disappointed, but unfortunately these things happen. We’re very sorry.” And then Louis tweeted, “We’re so so sorry for what happened tonight, it was out of our control ! Lots of love to Liam and thank you for being so understanding !” Um, I don’t understand. I mean, the place was already packed. Why couldn’t the remaining three get up there and do SOMETHING??

Khloe Kardashian reportedly is footing the bill for Lamar Odom’s recovery. says she wrote out a check for $120K to cover the cost of his helicopter transport back to LA from Vegas. A source says the cost wasn’t covered by insurance, but Khloe had no issue paying…even though her mom questioned if Lamar could be billed directly. Khloe told Kris Jenner she appreciated her concern, but she had already taken care of it. Meantime, TMZ has learned that Lamar’s kidneys are failing and he may need a transplant. As of right now, he’s undergoing 6 hours of dialysis a day. And doctors will be performing brain tests to determine the extent of damage the strokes had on Lamar.


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