Kim is finally pregnant with baby #2!

Weekend box office news… Iggy Azalea canceled her tour… Is there “Scandal” drama?… Enrique Iglesias’ drone accident…  and Kim is finally pregnant with baby number 2!

“San Andreas” was Dwayne Johnson’s biggest opening yet. The earthquake disaster movie was number one this weekend, bringing in over $53.2 million. “Pitch Perfect 2” was second with $14.2 million, followed by “Tomorrowland” with $13.8 million, “Mad Max: Fury Road” with $13.6 million, and then “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with $10.9 million. The only other new movie opening this weekend was “Aloha” starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone. It couldn’t even crack the top five, earning only $10 million for a sixth place finish in its debut.

First she postponed it, and now Iggy Azalea has flat-out canceled her Great Escape Tour. Iggy confirmed the news Friday, tweeting, “As u may know, the tour is cancelled. I’m so sad and sorry to let my fans down… we’ll be back out on the road when the next album is done.” That new record is expected sometime next year. Sources are saying the reason the show was canceled is because Iggy is a “psychopath” who didn’t feel the stage and production were up to her standards. Others are blaming poor ticket sales.

There’s a rumor that Kerry Washington hates her on-screen boyfriend Scott Foley so much that she wants Shonda Rimes to fire him from “Scandal.” This may not be too far-fetched, especially with that rumor that Ellen Pompeo was instrumental in getting Shonda to fire Patrick Dempsey from “Grey’s Anatomy.” A source told “Star” magazine that Kerry’s tense relationship with Scott is what got his character, Jake Ballard, riddled with stab wounds on the season finale. Even though Scott is telling fans he’ll be back next season, he’s also hinted that Shonda said the end is near…

During his concerts, Enrique Iglesias has a drone flying around the arena to capture the crowd’s excitement. While performing in Tijuana, the drone was hovering over Enrique’s head, so he decided to reach up and grab what is basically a miniature helicopter and ended up slicing his fingers. His people wanted him to stop the show, but Enrique refused. He had them quickly bandage his hand, which continued to bleed profusely as he performed for another 30 minutes. After the show wrapped, Enrique was rushed to the airport and flew back to LA to meet with a specialist.

During last night’s mid-season finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim announced that she is finally pregnant with baby number two! Kim’s been documenting her efforts to conceive this season, admitting how stressful and exhausting her fertility treatments have been and saying how Kanye always said, “Trying for baby number two isn’t as fun as trying for baby number one!”  No word on how far along Kim is but in recent pictures, she doesn’t seem to be showing yet. North will be 2 on June 15th.


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