The Chainsmokers threw a benefit concert… Eminem & Rihanna have a new collaboration… Tory Lanez petition… Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are now parents… and Kim Kardashian in tears as she meets with Kanye West

The Chainsmokers performed at a drive-in in The Hamptons over the weekend. Tickets cost between $250 and $25K, but hey! It was for charity. Organizers said they followed all the CDC guidelines. They had people fill out the now standard COVID-19 questionnaire online. They took everybody’s temperatures. They had free face masks and hand sanitizer. They put up dividers separating parties of up to 10 people. Guests had to stay in their designated area unless they had to go potty. They even had security there to make sure everybody followed the rules. What else could they do? But people posted videos showing a lot of people dancing nowhere near six feet apart, and a lot of them weren’t wearing masks. Gov. Cuomo tweeted how appalled he was and the health department is investigating. But the organizers say the video everyone is most upset about “was taken from an angle that doesn’t properly convey” how careful they actually were.

Is Eminem working on his 12th album? And is Rihanna involved? The marketing firm for Eminem’s Shady Records posted a photo on their Instagram Story that shows Rihanna’s “R” logo woven into Eminem’s backward “E” logo with a pair of wide-eye emojis. That’s good marketing right there! If this is the case, this would be Em and RiRi’s fifth collaboration.

Two weeks ago, Megan Thee Stallion was partying in the pool with Kylie Jenner and before the sun came up, she was shot in the feet. Megan was in the car with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, who was pulled over and arrested for having a gun. Officers saw Megan’s bloody feet and took her to the hospital to have the bullets removed. Megan finally went Instagram Live to address all the jokes and rumors surrounding the shooting. She said there was nothing funny about the situation and she didn’t do anything to deserve being shot. She still didn’t say who did it, but there’s an online petition to have Tory departed back to Canada and banned from entering the US forever.

Congratulations to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner on the birth of their daughter, Willa. She was actually born last Wednesday, but Joe and Sophie took a few days to enjoy this special time in private before releasing a statement. Actually, they never even announced Sophie was pregnant and probably wouldn’t have released a statement if TMZ hadn’t broken the news, minus the baby name. It looks like they’re going to raise her in LA. Joe and Sophie reportedly bought a baby-friendly home in the area back in June.

Kim Kardashian hadn’t seen Kanye for weeks. A source told People he refused to accept her calls. (Interesting to note, in Kanye’s previous tweets, he claimed Kris Jenner was the one refusing to accept his calls.) But after Kanye tweeted an apology to Kim on Saturday, the source said, “She decided to fly to Cody (Wyoming) to speak to him in person. She doesn’t want to be ignored anymore.” The Daily Mail posted pictures of the two of them in the car after they made a fast-food run to Wendy’s. Kim was in tears. People’s source said, ”She is very emotional about everything, and also exhausted. She feels very hurt by Kanye….It’s all a bad situation.”

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