Kim Kardashian photoshopped out of the newspaper

Place your bets for Royal Baby #2… January Jones and Will Forte are dating… Doctor criticizing Giuliana Rancic for her weight loss… Is DJ Zedd fed up with Selena Gomez?… and Kim Kardashian photoshopped out of newspaper

Royal Baby #2 is due April 25! And bets are being taken on everything from the sex of the baby to the baby’s hair color…if the baby even HAS hair when he or she is born! The baby will be born in the same wing of the same hospital as big brother, Prince George. It’s a private facility within the UK National Health Service, which means that both mommy and her newborn are entitled to the free services they offer. But Kate and William do have to pay for any additional fees they incur, such as their deluxe accommodations. For instance, the current cost of a deluxe room at this hospital goes for $8K for the first night for a regular delivery. If the mother requires a Cesarean, the price goes up to $10K. Any additional nights would be an extra $1700. (Last time Kate gave birth, she left the day after she delivered.) Now, since this is the second baby the Royal Couple is having in this hospital, they are getting a 10 percent discount.

January Jones is dating Will Forte. They originally met when she hosted SNL in 2009 but there was no spark. They reconnected on the set of his sitcom “The Last Man on Earth” and BOOM! I wonder if she trusts him enough at this point to tell Will the identity of her baby daddy………..

According to “Star” magazine, none of Guiliana Rancic’s co-stars on E! want to stand next to her because she makes them look bigger on camera!! In fact, Ali Fedotowsky and Catt Sadler reportedly dropped a few pounds over their anxiety about it. Now, Guiliana says she would love to gain weight but her anti-cancer medications are keeping her super skinny. HOWEVER, one prominent LA oncologist isn’t necessarily calling Guiliana a liar, BUT! He says it’s very unusual to lose weight on cancer meds and says that the majority of his patients actually gain weight on them.

Selena Gomez may have been a little too high-maintenance for DJ Zedd. According to “Star” magazine, she was calling him non-stop and would get all pouty if he didn’t drop what he was doing to answer. A source said he finally got fed up with her neediness and just stopped taking her calls. Plus, he still has that nagging voice in the back of his mind telling him that Selena is ultimately going to go back to Justin Bieber, who may or may not be with Kendall Jenner these days. Young Hollywood love!!!

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish news site not only refused to publish pictures of Kim Kardashian, they refused to mention her by name!! Kim and Kanye had North baptized at an Armenian church in Jerusalem on Monday. After the ceremony, the couple met the mayor at a restaurant in Jerusalem, but when the photos popped up on Kikar HaShabbat, Kim was photoshopped out! In one photo, they covered her up with a huge receipt. In another, Kim’s face was blurred out but you can clearly see Kanye sitting right there next to the mayor. And when the article discussed Kim and Kanye meeting the mayor at a non-Kosher restaurant — which Kikar HaShabbat didn’t like, by the way —  the report didn’t mention Kim by name. They only referred to the couple as “West and his wife.” Why? The editor of the news site told the Associated Press that Kim is a “pornographic symbol” who goes against ultra-Orthodox values.


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