Kim K returns to social media

Tommy Ford passed away… Parisian Robbery Victim costume pulled… A new Forbes list… Selena Gomez went back to treatment… and Kim Kardashian returns to social media

Tommy Ford — who was most famous for playing Tommy on the ’90s sitcom “Martin” — passed away in Atlanta yesterday. He’d been hospitalized since Sunday after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. His health declined and he was put on life support, but sadly, he never recovered. Tommy was 52. He is survived by his wife, Gina Sasso.

After much backlash (and reportedly only SIX sales) the people at Costumeish have pulled their Parisian Robbery Victim costume from their website. This was obviously Kim Kardashian and it came complete with a long, dark wig, a bathrobe, wrist and ankle ties and a flashy fake engagement ring. The company says it will refund the $69.99 to those who bought it.

“Forbes” magazine is out with its list of the highest earning dead celebrities from the past year. Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, but in death, he earned another $825 million for his estate. Most of that came from the March sale of Michael’s half of the Sony/ATV music publishing catalog, which included the Beatles library. Coming in second is the late Charles Schulz, who passed away in 2000. He still earned $48 million through licensing from the recently released 3-D “Peanuts” movie. Even though he just passed away on September 25, Arnold Palmer earned $40 million to come in third on the list. He is followed by Elvis Presley with $27 million and Prince, who passed away in April. He earned $25 million in the past 12 months.

Selena Gomez surfaced in Tennessee last week for the first time since checking into a Christian-based rehab facility to get help with her mental and emotional health. After a visit with family and friends and a few run-ins with some selfie-seeking fans, Selena went back to treatment. According to OK! Magazine, Selena is only allowed a limited number of visitors each day and her very good friend Jennifer Aniston surprised her by popping in the check on her. The two of them became super close super fast last year after meeting through their management team.

After her terrifying robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian finally returned to social media. She didn’t make a statement, unless you consider her unfollowing 13 people on Twitter to be a statement. Kim also cancelled her appearance at the Hakkasan club in Vegas on October 28, which means she won’t be getting that one million dollar check. will cost her one million dollars. E! News is reporting that Kim is suffering flashbacks and hasn’t been sleeping well despite being constantly surrounded by security.


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