Kim Kardashian Reveals She Weighs 119 Pounds

French Montana’s home invasion… Chris Hardwick almost lost it all… Millie Bobby Brown’s split… Memorabilia auction… and Kim Kardashian reveals she weighs 119 pounds

French Montana hasn’t been in the news for a while, and I’m sure he wishes it wasn’t for THIS. But he was home asleep at 5:00 yesterday morning when police say at least two armed men broke into the house, reportedly stole some stuff and took off. Police are reviewing surveillance video. French lives in a gated community in Calabasas in a house that was once owned by Selena Gomez. She had a problem with stalkers when she lived there, so this house must be cursed!

It looked like Chris Hardwick was on the brink of losing it all, but now it looks like he’s getting everything back! After his ex-girlfriend wrote an essay about how she was emotionally and sexually assaulted by him, Chris was suspended from all his hosting gigs. AMC launched an investigation and once he was cleared, they gave him back his jobs with “Talking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” And now NBC has announced that Chris will appear as guest judge on “America’s Got Talent” next Tuesday and he’ll be back as host for season three of “The Wall.”

Ah, young love. It flames up and flames out so quickly. Fourteen-year-old Millie Bobby Brown announced on her Instagram Story yesterday that she and her 15-year-old boyfriend Jacob Sartorius have broken up. It’s rumored that they started dating in December but they went public with a kissy face post on Valentine’s Day. Millie said, “The decision with Jacob and I was completely mutual. We are both happy and remaining friends.” He pretty much said exactly the same thing on his Instagram, “The decision w Mills was completely mutual & we are both happy and remaining friends.” Oh yeah??! Then why did you unfollow each other on Instagram???

The UK’s largest live auction of movie and TV memorabilia is happening next month in London. This will be the fifth year Prop Store has put up some really cool stuff for auction. On September 20, the public can bid on over 600 original movie props from some iconic movies — like Han Solo’s jacket! It’s expected to go for about $1.3 million. How about Indiana Jones’ original fedora? It can be yours for up to $397K. Marty McFly’s “Back to the Future II” hover board is expected to fetch $66K. And the Edward Scissorhands costume is expected to go for about $105K.

Kim Kardashian West shared some videos where she says she’s down to 119 pounds and she’s thanking her sisters for telling her how skinny she is. That’s not going over so well with a lot of people. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actress Stephanie Beatriz went on Instagram and said that the only time she weighed 119 was when she was in a terrible relationship and suffered from an eating disorder, but people kept telling her how great she looked and it really messed with her head. She Kim’s post was eating at her brain so much that she had to text friends for support! “Shameless” actress Emmy Rossum shared her story, too. She said the only time she weighed 119, she had dropped 10 pounds from mono. She said she went to a photo shoot feeling sick and faint, but everyone kept going on and on about how great she looked. And Tyson Beckford commented on a photo of Kim showing up for Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Her waist is super tiny but her infamous backside is sticking way out. Tyson said, “Sorry. I do’t care for it personally. She is not real, doctor (BLANKED) up on her right hip.” And then he added a vomiting emoji. Kim responded to that with, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” and added tea, frog and painting nails emojis. People are now slamming Kim for implying that Tyson is gay.


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