Kim Kardashian West robbed of $10 Million at gunpoint

Weekend box office news… Bethenny Frankel’s public meltdown… Demi Lovato slams paparazzi for spoiling Turkey… Lindsay Lohan finger cut off in boating accident… and Kim Kardashian West robbed at gunpoint

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” opened in first place this weekend, taking in $28.5 million. The new “Deepwater Horizon” based on the real-life oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico opened in second with $20.6 million. “The Magnificent Seven” fell from first to third in its second week, earning another $15.5 million. “Storks” was fourth with $13.8 million and “Sully” rounded out the top five with $8.4 million.

Bethenny Frankel is chronically grumpy. And this time, it cost her. According to Page Six, SiriusXM pulled the plug on her satellite radio show “B Real with Bethenny” after she threw a fit at a VIP Coldplay concert in the Hamptons. Bethenny was one of 150 guests — including Jay Z and Beyonce — who were invited to this intimate show. A witness says Bethenny was irritated by some women blocking her view so she “started poking and pushing them. Then, when they didn’t move, she went to the bar and got a mixed drink and threw it over them” A friend of Bethenny’s told Page Six it was actually water. Either way, the woman on the receiving end of the liquid in question left the party in disgust and later complained to the Sirius bosses. Turns out she was the wife of a bigwig at Goldman Sachs, and Bethenny’s bosses at Sirius decided to tear up her contract as a result.

You think the paparazzi is bad here, you should try the paparazzi in Turkey! Demi Lovato performed in Antalya Saturday night and then sent out a series of tweets cursing the photographers there for being the absolute worst and for making her feel trapped in her hotel room. She tweeted, “I love going to other countries and spending all my time in the hotel rooms. #sofun.” She added, “If the paparazzi wasn’t so (BLANKING) annoying I’d get out and do s**t but they are the worst. #(BLANK)paps.” Demi has had a tense relationship with paparazzi for a couple years now. After attending an event in 2014, she tweeted, “When are paparazzi gonna learn? If you’re respectful to me, I’ll be respectful back…. I’ll pose if you are respectful and not being bullies.” And then last year, she went off on Twitter, “Kind of a low blow when paparazzi bring up your dead dog to try to get a reaction out of you.”

Lindsay Lohan lost part of her ring finger in a boating accident yesterday. She’s vacationing in Turkey and was trying to help anchor the boat belonging to whomever is letting her tag along for free. But somehow, her hand got caught and the anchor was pulling Lindsay down into the water and as she struggled to untangle herself, the top of her ring finger was sliced off. Luckily for Lindsay, somebody fished her fingertip out of the water and doctors were able to reattach it.

Kim Kardashian West left Paris on a private jet after she was tied up and robbed in her Paris hotel room. Reportedly, around 3am, five gunmen posing as police officers threatened the concierge and forced him to open the door to Kim’s room. Kim reportedly was begging for her life, telling the men that she had babies at home as they bound and gagged her with handcuffs and tape and then put her in the bathtub. The men reportedly stole her purse, two cell phones, about 1000 euros and approximately $10 million in jewelry. Even though it’s not been verified, the 15-carat second engagement ring Kanye recently gave her is believed to be among the items stolen. That alone was worth $4.5 million. After the gunmen left, Kim was able to break free and call for help. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. Kanye was performing at the Meadows Festival in Queens when someone walked out on the stage and told him what happened. He told the crowd there was a family emergency and raced off stage.

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