Kris Jenner fires entire security team

Margaret Cho on “Fashion Police”…Bar Rafaeli arrested… Meek Mill is looking at jail time… Sean Penn suing “Empire”… and Kris Jenner fires entire security team

It’s official — Margaret Cho has signed on as a permanent cohost of “Fashion Police” on E! Things have been rocky behind the scenes since Joan Rivers died.  Kelly Osbourne turned on Giuliana Rancic and then quit the show. And Kathy Griffin didn’t just quit, she spit on the show on her way out the door. But when Margaret guest hosted in September, the fans loved her. The show’s executives loved her. The other cohosts loved her. It was a no-brainer to have her join the show permanently with Giuliana, Melissa Rivers and Brad Goreski.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s former supermodel squeeze Bar Rafaeli has been arrested for failing to pay taxes on millions of dollars of income in her home country of Israel.  Bar is estimated to be worth about $20 million, but she’s suspected of receiving almost $260K in hot supermodel celebrity perks — like luxury apartments and cars. The problem with all of that is that she never reported it as income. In fact, to avoid paying taxes Bar and her mom lied to an accountant about where Bar was living. But Bar’s home was raided yesterday and she and her mom were arrested. Bar was questioned for 12 hours before she was released on $193K bail. But she had to turn over her passport and won’t be allowed to leave Israel without permission for the next six months.

I guess Nicki Minaj wasn’t worth much as a character witness because Meek Mill is looking at jail time after a judge ruled that he’d violated the terms of his probation. Meek even broke down and the stand and begged the judge to have mercy. He even apologized to the DA for calling her a “B” in his song, “The Ride.” But none of it worked. Now he’s got to go back to court on February 5 to find out if he’ll serve any time in prison. Meek can’t leave a 5 county area around Philadelphia before then.

Sean Penn is suing “Empire” creator Lee Daniel for defamation after Lee insinuated Sean abused women. He wants $10 million in damages. In his defense, Lee said that a “Google search of ‘Sean Penn and domestic violence’ produces 432K results. But Sean has something that Lee Daniels and Google don’t have — Madonna. She testified under oath that despite what’s been googled or said, “While we certainly had more than one heated argument . . . Sean has never struck me, ‘tied me up,’ or physically assaulted me.” Madonna said she’s known Sean for 30 years — they were married from 1985 to 1989 — and she considers him a “caring, compassionate individual.”

Kris Jenner has fired her entire security team after a man took a bus from Texas to LA, walked right into Kris’ house and stood there face-to-face with her. She called 911 and the man was arrested, but Kris was livid because this man could’ve done anything to her, her daughter Kim, and Kim’s babies, North and Saint, who were all in the home at the time. And Kanye was even angrier than Kris. He immediately ordered his security team to watch over the family while Kris hires a new team.


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