Showbiz Top 5: Kris Jenner is dating a much younger man

Amber Riley is the winner of “Dancing with the Stars”… Francesca Eastwood is wearing a big diamond ring… Jennifer Love Hewitt had a baby girl!… Lamar Odom is willing to divorce for 10 million dollars… and Kris Jenner is dating a much younger man

SPOILER ALERT:  “Dancing with the Stars” has crowned a new champion! It was Amber Riley and her professional partner Derek Hough who held the mirror ball trophy over their heads as confetti showered them from above. Coming in second was Corbin Bleu, followed by Jack Osbourne.

You think Clint Eastwood’s daughter has realized the value in all this publicity she’s getting for marrying Jonah Hill’s brother in Vegas? Well, first of all, Francesca wants us all to know that she doesn’t drink and wasn’t drunk when she and Jordan Feldstein said “I do” in front of an Elvis impersonator. But she reportedly regretted it immediately and wanted an annulment ASAP. But hold up! Francesca was on every gossip website and must’ve realized that she kinda liked it and wanted to keep this storyline going because guess what she’s wearing?? A big old diamond ring! Now, was it really from Jordan? Or is she just playing the game? One person who ISN’T playing along is Jordan. Francesca showed up at his front door yesterday and Jordan acted like he wasn’t home. But we know he was because after Francesca left, a delivery driver showed up with takeout and Jordan couldn’t answer the door fast enough.

Jennifer Love Hewitt had a baby girl yesterday! But here’s a little twist to her birth announcement — her rep announced that she and her HUSBAND Brian Hallisay have welcomed Autumn James Hallisay to their little family. Yes, the rep called him HUSBAND because apparently, the two of them secretly tied the knot before the baby arrived. Love and Brian started dating last year when they both starred on the now-canceled “The Client List.”

Khloe Kardashian wants out of her marriage. And according to the “National Enquirer,” Lamar Odom will give her one…but it’ll cost her $10 million. Oh, and he wants that $875K engagement ring back, too. And if he doesn’t get what he wants, there’s a chance that Lamar would talk. And oh, the stories he could tell! That’s why Kris Jenner is insisting he sign a confidentiality agreement, stating that Lamar can never discuss his life with the Kardashians either verbally or in print. But Lamar’s not signing until he gets what he wants.

Kris Jenner is still married to Bruce Jenner. They’re separated, but has anyone actually bothered to file for divorce yet? Doesn’t matter to Kris. In her opinion, she’s single and ready to mingle! And “Us Weekly” is reporting that she’s mingling with former Bachelor Ben Flajnik! A source told “Us” that they started hanging out after Ben appeared on her now-canceled talk show, and things quickly turned romantic. Does it bother you that Kris is 58 and Ben is 31? Because it sure ain’t bothering Kris!!

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