Kris Jenner will not call Bruce by new female name

Rob Kardashian faces another setback… Brian Williams lied on the air… Kerry Washington’s magazine cover air-brushing… Bobby Brown is not taking his daughter off life support… and Kris Jenner will not call Bruce by new female name

Rob Kardashian may suffer another setback with this news…His former girlfriend Adrienne Bailon just announced that she’s engaged to Lenny Santiago, the Senior Vice President of Artist Management at Roc Nation. According to Us Weekly, Lenny popped the question while they were at dinner with their family and closest friends. At first he gave her a box of carrots and then said, “Well, since you said yes to those carrots….” and then dropped down on one knee and presented her with a huge diamond.

Brian Williams ought to just go ahead and announce his retirement. His career can never recover from this huge lie he told about being in a helicopter that was shot down by enemy fire while he was covering the war in Iraq back in 2003. He finally had to admit on the air that he lied, but tried to dance around it by saying that his memory was fuzzy on certain events and he just got confused. WHATEVER!! Page Six is reporting that Brian’s predecessor Tom Brokaw wants him fired immediately or, at the very least, suspended.

A lot of people are upset with InStyle magazine’s cover photo of Kerry Washington. Somebody went a little crazy with the air-brushing, lightening her skin tone and changing her appearance so much that you even say to yourself, “That sorta kinda looks like Kerry Washington.” A lot of people are livid about it and tweeted their displeasure, but Kerry posted the cover on her Instagram and said she was “THRILLED” with the cover.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Bobby Brown is not considering taking his daughter off life support. Bobbi Kristina’s condition has not improved and doctors reportedly advised Bobby that pulling her off life support is the right thing to do. But Bobby and his family are deeply religious and they believe in miracles, so Bobby is saying no for the time being.

Kris Jenner hasn’t made a public statement about her ex-husband Bruce’s rumored sex-change operation, but say she has not taken the news very well. In fact, they claim Kris recently drunk-dialed Bruce because she’s so upset about how this is making her look. And sources say Kris has no plans to use Bruce’s female name when he makes the transition. He’ll always be Bruce to her!


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