Kristin Cavallari Accuses Jay Cutler of ‘Misconduct’

Felicity Huffman is ‘so proud’… Use #MayThe4th… Victor Cruz & Karrueche Tran FaceTime… Chrissy Teigen getting shamed… and Kristin Cavallari accuses Jay Cutler of ‘misconduct’

It turns out Felicity Huffman didn’t have to pay a bribe for her daughter’s SAT scores to be corrected and serve 11 in jail. Sophia retook that SAT and got accepted into Carnegie Mellon University on her own merit! She’ll major in drama.

Monday is May 4 and that’s a HUGE day for “Star Wars” fans. Disney+ will debut its new “Mandalorian” docuseries and also have the premiere of the new movie, “The Rise of Skywalker.”

Karreuche Tran and former Giant Victor Cruz have been dating over two years now, but they’re quarantining separately. She’s in LA and he’s in NY. But according to him, they’re FaceTiming each other 20 hours a day! Is this an exaggeration or is he serious?? How could you possibly fill that much time with one person? Victor says Karreuche has actually been giving him cooking lessons and he’s become an expert at turkey tacos.

The other day, Chrissy Tiegen posted a video of her wearing a low-cut swimsuit and with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek purred, “I never post thirst traps, but here I am … trapping you, with thirst … with thirst.” The internet trolls attacked, calling her out for her her body shape and sagging breasts. When someone tweeted, “I’m sorry everyone is being so rude to you – you’re so beautiful inside and out,” Chrissy responded, “It’s ok I’ve been a rectangle my whole life and it’s gotten me pretty far!”

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler got ugly quick. While Jay’s divorce papers cited irreconcilable difference, Kristin fired back with a claim of “marital misconduct.” Kelly Frawley is a partner at a huge marriage and family law practice in NYC. She told Fox News that she believes Kristin did that as a way of “getting a narrative out there that he did something wrong and she wanted to expose him….I think she was probably a little bit annoyed with him – that he filed for divorce – so she came in second and she wants the world to know that he did something wrong. That this was his fault, that this is why the relationship broke down.” It’s also interesting to note that he lists their official date of separation as April 21, which is the date Jay filed for divorce. But Kristin claims they officially separated on April 7, the day they returned from their 3-week trip to the Bahamas. While Kristin is asking for primary physical custody of their three kids, Jay is asking for joint custody. He also wants the court to enforce the terms of their prenuptial agreement.

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