Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Being Super Cautious

A dinner with Jack and Rose… Top ten shows binged on Netflix… The Spice Girls reunion update… Kim Kardashian’s auction… and Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are being super cautious

A 28 year old woman in England — Gemma Nuttall — was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was pregnant, but refused to end her pregnancy or have any cancer treatment because she didn’t want to risk her baby’s life. Then after her baby girl was born, doctors gave Gemma six months to live. But three years later, Gemma is miraculously still alive. Kate Winslet heard about this woman’s story and called into a radio show that was interviewing Gemma about this life saving cancer treatment that’s only available in Germany, which can cost up to $98K per treatment. She needs six treatments. So Kate called up her friend Leonardo DiCaprio and they agreed to auction of a dinner with Jack and Rose. They ended up raising $1.35 million to be split between getting Gemma her treatment and Leo’s foundation, which focuses on conservation.

Netflix keeps track of all of our viewing habits, and according to their data on members who have joined in the past five years, 90% have completed a “Netflix binge” in their first year of membership. A “binge” is defined as completing at least one season of a show within seven days of starting. The top ten shows binged by new Netflix members are:

  1. Orange is the New Black
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Stranger Things
  5. House of Cards
  6. Sons of Anarchy
  7. Fuller House
  8. American Horror Story
  9. Family Guy
  10. Grey’s Anatomy

There’s so much back and forth on this story, but now says The Spice Girls reunion tour is not only happening, it’s being made into a movie produced by David Beckham! A source says that’s how they got Victoria to change her mind and agree to the tour. Insiders say that by tacking on the movie deal, all five Spices, their manager Simon Fuller and David could earn half a billion dollars. Radar’s source says the movie will be based on behind-the-scenes video of their concert tour, and they’re lining up big celebrity names to make cameos in the movie.

Kim Kardashian likes to clean out her closet from time-to-time, auction everything off and give 10 percent to charity. It’s her way of tithing. Right now, more than 200 of Kim’s possessions are up for your bidding pleasure on eBay through this group called Auction Cause. I tried to look it up on eBay but it’s easier if you just go to and click the eBay link to Kim’s stuff. A lot of it was either worn or used by Kim herself, but some stuff— like her bikini bottoms — were never worn. Bid on Kim’s boots, velvet warmup suits, Kanye tour shirts, workout clothes, jeans, bathing suits, body suits, hats….it goes on and on. Ten percent of the proceeds from this auction are going to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The auction runs through February 25.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are being super cautious with their baby girl. They’re making everyone wear medical masks when they come anywhere near little Stormi. Kylie’s got boxes and boxes of medical masks to make sure Stormi’s not exposed to any germs. In addition to the medical masks, Kylie made sure everything in Stormi’s nursery is 100% organic. Everything is eco-friendly and chemical free, including the baby’s changing table. Made with environmentally-conscious materials, that thing cost $3500.


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