Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage

Netflix is “monitoring”… “Clueless” reboot… Kylie & Travis together again… Demi Lovato’s was hacked… and Lady Gaga falls off stage

You may not be able to get away with using your ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s roommate’s Netflix password for much longer! This week a Netflix exec said they’re “monitoring” accounts they believe are being shared and looking into, quote, “consumer-friendly ways” of preventing it from happening. As of now there are no plans in the work to penalize accounts who are sharing their passwords, but it sounds like they are considering it. Netflix already has some built-in constraints. Each account can only have one to four simultaneous streams, depending on the plan. The standard $12.99 plan allows 2 streams at once. Disney+ is expected to have tighter restrictions than Netflix.

1995 was the year that gave us “Clueless.” 2020 will be the year that gives us the reboot. Sources say a TV show is being developed, and while no network is attached just yet, several streaming services and the CW are interested. The “Clueless” show being pitched isn’t a comedy, though. It’s a drama/mystery. Reportedly, the premise of the show is that Cher — who was played Alicia Silverstone — goes missing. Her BFF Dionne — who was played by Staci Dash — then becomes the most popular girl in school while making it her mission to find Cher. The show is being described as “Mean Girls meets Riverdale meets a Lizzo music video.”

Kylie Jenner is fully embracing the viral memes of her singing “Rise and shine” to her daughter Stormi. She posted a video of her daughter dancing to a remix of the song on mommy’s iPhone and then begging her to play daddy’s music. Kylie captioned it, “daddy’s girls” which has all of her fans thinking that she and Travis Scott have patched things up. While nothing has been officially confirmed, Travis has been spending lots of time with Kylie since he dislocated his knee during a concert the other night. Sources say he’s been staying at Kylie’s house in Calabasas during the day, but spending nights at the home he and Kylie shared in Beverly Hills. Kylie and Travis also took Stormi to a pumpkin patch together and sources say they plan on spending Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family.

Demi Lovato’s Snapchat was hacked yesterday and whoever did it posted several nude photos of Demi and tried to get fans to join a private group. Demi’s team were able to regain control of the account and those photos have been deleted. A lot of Demi’s fans are really upset about this, especially since she’s been struggling with her mental health. Among the comments being tweeted, “It’s never ok to leak ANYONE’S nudes, but demi lovato has been open with the world about her mental struggles so why the (BLANK) would u do that to her? that’s so damaging.” This isn’t the first time Demi has been hacked. It happened a couple years ago, but she just laughed it off as nothing more than a cleavage shot, adding, “Besides the world has seen me nude BY CHOICE before.”

At Lady Gaga’sVegas show last night, she pulled a very excited man from the crowd and jumped into his arms. As he was attempting to hoist her up a little higher for a better grip, the man’s legs crumbled and the two of them tumbled off the stage and onto the floor several feet below. Gaga didn’t appear to be injured. She jumped right up and was helped back on stage to continue the show. But the man who dropped her was in tears over all this. Gaga saw how upset he was and brought him back on stage with her, asking people on the internet to please not bully him. She then sang the next song with him.

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