Lamar Odom caught drinking before church on Easter

Lil Wayne’s lawsuit… Snoop Dogg to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame… William Shatner is sued for $170m… Sir Elton John’s former security guard is suing… and Lamar Odom caught drinking before church on Easter

Lil Wayne has filed a federal lawsuit against Universal Music Group, saying he’s owed millions from discovering and nurturing artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga. Instead, Weezy claims the label has diverted tens of millions of dollars of his profits to repay itself for the $100 million cash advance it paid to Cash Money Records. He wants at least $40 million in damages.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is taking place this Saturday night — the night before WrestleMania 32. Alongside the likes of Sting, the Fabulous Freebirds, the Godfather, Big Boss Man, and Jacqueline and Stan Hansen, SNOOP DOGG is being inducted into the Hall of Fame! He tweeted yesterday, “real recognize real. thnk u @WWE universe for tha honor #HOF #WWE #wrestlemania” Why would Snoop be receiving such an honor? Snoop has history with the WWE, serving as a master of ceremonies during WrestleMania 24 and guest-hosting Raw a few years ago. Other non-wrestlers have been inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame before, like Pete Rose, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump. Snoop is the first musician to make it in.

According to this radio host down in Tampa, he is William Shatner’s son, and that should come with some financial benefits. Peter Sloan — who uses the stage name Peter Shatner — claims that back in March of 1956, his mom had a one night stand with William Shatner. Peter claims that, unbeknownst to William, he was the result of that one night stand, but his mom chose to give him up for adoption when he was five days old. In 1984, Peter says he tracked down his birth mom, who told him that his dad was T.J. Hooker. So Peter arranged to meet with his alleged birth father on the set of that famous TV show and, at first, Peter says William accepted the idea that he was his son. But a week later, he was contacted by Mr. Shatner’s rep, who said not only was the actor denying paternity, he was also denying a paternity test. All these years later, Peter is suing the man he believes to be his bio dad for $170 million. He has also filed the paperwork demanding a DNA test from Mr. Shatner. Peter told Page Six, “I am William Shatner’s son, and I just wish he would acknowledge me.” But the actor’s rep told Page Six, Mr. Shatner has three lovely daughters, but no sons . . . Mr. Shatner is aware of the lawsuit, but there’s nothing there because he isn’t his father.”

Sir Elton John’s former security guard is suing him for sexual harassment and battery. Jeffrey Wenniger’s lawyers say the incidents began back in 2010 but they occurred in “escalating frequency and intensity” over the years. The lawsuit specifically lists three separate incidents in 2014, which basically involved Elton putting his hand down Jeffrey’s pants. Jeffrey says he tried to verbally and physically resist, but that didn’t stop Elton! Finally, Jeffrey had enough and quit in late 2014. Now, we have the lawsuit.

Pretty much everyone but Khloe Kardashian wrote Lamar Odom off for dead after he was found unconscious in a brothel outside of Vegas five months ago. But thanks to her loving care and expert medical attention, Lamar miraculously survived his near-death experience. But just hours before celebrating Easter with the Kardashians, Lamar and a couple of his buddies bellied up to the bar at Johnny O’Brien’s and he ended up having three Remy Martin cognacs. TMZ has the pictures to back this up. The next morning, Lamar showed up for church wearing the same thing he wore to the bar the night before.


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