Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Respond To Breakup Rumors

The end of Will & Grace… Taylor Swift is an ICON… Jordyn Woods dancing with Khloe’s ex… #FreeRocky… and Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse respond to rumours they’ve broken up

When the cast of “Will and Grace” got together to encourage everybody to vote (for Hilary Clinton) in the last presidential election, NBC decided to bring the show back for a 10-episode stint. Things went so well, they brought it back for another season. And then another! But yesterday, it was announced that the upcoming third season will be the last. The show’s creators released a statement yesterday: “We think of the Will and Grace reboot episodes the way Karen Walker thinks of martinis — 51 is not enough, 53 is too many. That is why, after consulting with the cast, we all have decided this will be the final season of Will and Grace.”

FOX has announced that Taylor Swift will receive the first ever Icon Award at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 11. Good timing because Taylor’s seventh studio album, “Lover,” is coming out less than 2 weeks later, on Aug. 23. Taylor’s already released 3 singles from the album. “Me!” and “You Need to Calm Down” are both nominated for Teen Choice awards. In fact, she’s got 7 total nominations, including Choice Female Artist and Choice Fandom for her “Swifties.”

Before everybody starts blasting Jordyn Woods for going after another one of Khloe Kardashian’s leftovers, a source told TMZ that there was nothing going on between her and James Harden. It was just a coincidence that Jordyn and James ended up at the same bar in Houston Wednesday night and then ended up in the same VIP booth and then ended up with him sitting there while Jordyn danced in front of him where her booty was at his eye level. However, a source told TMZ that Jordyn and James have “hung out in the past.” But Jordyn reportedly asked Khloe at the time if it was okay and she was cool with it. This was obviously before the Tristan Thompson incident. Another source says Jordyn never asked Khloe for permission to hang with James and that she only found out about it after news of Jordyn’s hookup with Tristan broke.

President Trump reached out to the Swedish prime minister to intervene on A$AP Rocky’s behalf, but A$AP is still sitting in jail for almost a month now and could face up to 2 years in prison if he’s convicted over that fight in Stockholm. Yesterday, the president tweeted, “ ery disappointed in Prime Minister Stefan Löfven for being unable to act. Sweden has let our African American Community down in the United States. I watched the tapes of A$AP Rocky, and he was being followed and harassed by troublemakers. Treat Americans fairly! #FreeRocky.” In another tweet, the president said, “Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM. We do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sweden should focus on its real crime problem! #FreeRocky.”

We’ve been hearing all week that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse split up earlier this summer after two years of dating. Yesterday, it looked like they both denied the rumors when they both posted the same pic from their new joint cover of “W Magazine.” Lili captioned the picture on Instagram, “BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know (BLANK).” Cole captioned his post, “UNPRECEDENTED: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart consume the flesh of ‘reliable sources’ to fuel their bacchanalian sex cult.” Lili also tweeted, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, kids. And news sources should try a little harder to be less vile. “Reliable sources” can kiss my (BLANK).”

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