Lindsay Lohan could face more jail time

Diplo talks about celebrity feud… Chrissy Teigen broke her foot… Sean Penn’s plan to adopt Charlize Theron’s son… Halle Berry’s husband has anger issues… Lindsay Lohan could face more jail time

In February’s GQ, Diplo talks about the feud he had going with Taylor Swift when he made fun of her flat butt and her buddy Lorde stepped up and made fun of Diplo’s tiny man parts. Diplo says it was all in fun, but the media blew everything out of proportion.

Chrissy Teigen takes lip sync battling VERY seriously. She was taking part in Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle when she somehow ended up breaking her foot! She posted a photo on Instagram of her lying in the hospital wearing her black cocktail dress from filming, captioning it, “Then I cracked a foot bone. I regret nothing.”  Maybe they’ll include the foot disaster when the show airs. It premieres on April 2.

Sean Penn has filed the paperwork to adopt Charlize Theron’s 3-year-old son, Jackson. A source told Us Weekly, “Sean always knew that to truly earn a place in Charlize’s heart, connecting with Jackson was one of the most important parts.” The source Sean and Charlize have been dating for over a year and reportedly got engaged in Paris this past November.

Halle Berry reportedly threatened to leave her husband if he doesn’t get help for his anger issues. Olivier Martinez has shown his temper publicly a couple of times — pummeling Halle’s baby daddy Gabriel Aubrey in their driveway and, most recently, shoving an airport employee to the ground with a baby carrier. And those are just the public incidents we know of…who knows what happens behind closed doors. Sources say Halle has told Olivier that if he doesn’t seek help for his anger problem, she’ll be forced to divorce him.

Lindsay Lohan is due in court next week to prove she’s completed 240 community service hours stemming from a reckless driving charge in 2012. But TMZ has learned that Lindsay is going to use her contraction of a mosquito virus while vacationing in Bora Bora over Christmas as an excuse for not completing her hours a second time. Back in November, her lawyer admitted Lindsay had only done half of her hours, but the judge gave her until this Wednesday to wrap things up. If the mosquito defense doesn’t work, the prosecutor could ask for jail time.


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