Logan Paul Returns To Vlogging

Elton John has announced he’s retiring from touring… Meryl Streep joins “Big Little Lies 2”… Kim Kardashian addresses rumors… Will Caitlyn Jenner join DWTS?… and Logan Paul returns to vlogging

Grab your mama! Grab your grandmama! Elton John has announced he’s retiring from touring, but only after doing one more massive 300-date, 3-year world tour. Elton said he’s not going out with a whimper, either. He’s going out with a bang! He’s says “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” will be “the most produced, fantastic show” he’s ever done. Tickets go on sale February 2.

Meryl Streep saw how much fun her fellow movie stars were having doing TV so she’s signed on for “Big Little Lies 2.” HBO announced that she will play Mary Louise Wright — the mother of Alexander Skarsgard’s character Perry, who kicked the bucket in season one. David E. Kelley is back to write the seven new episodes, but they’ve got a new director — Andrea Arnold. A release date for season two hasn’t been announced.

A British tabloid reported yesterday that Kim Kardashian was so happy with her gestational carrier for baby Chicago and wants a big family SO bad, that she asked the woman if she’d be willing to go through the whole process again. But Kim clapped back on twitter last night, posting a link to the Daily Mail article and captioning it, “fake news.”

Page Six is reporting that “Dancing With the Stars” is “actively in talks” to sign Caitlyn Jenner for their 26th season, which will feature just 10 athletes for a short four-week season. Caitlyn’s rep says it’s not true, but reps are paid to lie, so who knows… Remember, Kim Kardashian did season 7 of DWTS and came in 11th place. Her baby brother Rob competed in season 13 and was first runner-up.

Logan Paul is hoping we can all find a place in our hearts to forgive him. After the tremendous backlash he received for posting a YouTube video of a man who had hanged himself in Japan’s suicide forest, Logan went away to think about what he’d done. And now he’s posted his first video since taking that break explaining that during his time away, he met with suicide prevention organizations and a suicide survivor and now realizes how serious this problem is. Logan says he plans to donate a million dollars to suicide prevention organizations, including sending $250K immediately to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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