Michael Jordan doc sends memorabilia prices sky-high… Finneas puts guy on blast… Kendall Jenner settles Fyre Festival lawsuit… Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine”… and Lori Loughlin will plead guilty to fraud

Whether it’s “90 percent BS or not,” “The Last Dance” has sent the price of Michael Jordan memorabilia through the roof! One leading sports auctioneer told Page Six that anything related to Michael has doubled or tripled in value, with trading cards going up the most. He said three months ago, Michael’s 1986 rookie basketball cards were selling for around $40K. Now those same cards would go for almost $100K. One auction house is selling the Nikes Michael wore when he played for the Dream Team in the ’92 Olympics. The current bid is close to $25K. Meantime, identical shoes worn by his Dream Teammates Magic Johnson and Scottie Pippen are going for a couple grand or so. It turns out the players gave the shoes as a gift to a member of the support staff working in the locker rooms during the ’92 Olympics in Barcelona.

Finneas is the victim of a porch pirate and he’s turned to his fan base to help catch the jerk. He posted a picture this guy on his Instagram and captioned it, “Hiiii everybody! Figured I’d put all 2.4 million of you to good use. This handsome fella stole a bunch of packages off my porch in LA today and then RIPPED my doorbell camera out of it’s socket and left with it. Lemme know if you know him. I won’t press charges if he gives them all back and let’s me give him a neck tat that says “thief.” Unlike his sister Billie Eilish, Finneas doesn’t still live at home with his parens. He moved into a home with his girlfriend last year. He got a really good shot of this guy so it’s only a matter of time before he’s tracked down. And Finneas….please….PRESS CHARGES!!!

Kendall Jenner is writing a check for $90K to put this Fyre Festival nightmare behind her. Investors in this disaster are trying to get back some of the $26M they lost, and they’re going after the social media influencers who promoted this thing. According to the court documents, Kendall was paid $275K to promote the event on her Instagram, but never made it clear that she was paid to do it. The lawsuit also claims that Kendall led people to believe her brother-in-law Kanye would be performing and that was never the case. Kendall agreed to pay back $90K of her earnings to settle this thing and move on.

Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly real-life LOVERS, or is this a publicity stunt? In one week’s time, we see Megan and MGK grabbing takeout together and then Brian Austin Green goes on his podcast to announce he and Megan are separated. Brian says he hasn’t met the guy, but MGK is a good dude. Then BOOM. MGK released his music video for “Bloody Valentine” starring Megan as his lover. And they’re also set to star in an upcoming movie called “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” So has romance blossomed or is it all for publicity?

For 16 months, she’s claimed she’s innocent! But reality has finally set in. Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have pleaded guilty to their part in the college admission bribery scandal. They were accused of paying $500K to get their daughters into USC under the guise that they could be part of the rowing team. Rather than risk going to trial and facing up to 40 years if they were found guilty, Lori and Mossimo accepted a plea deal that will have them serving two months in prison and paying $150K in restitution. After that, they’ll serve two years of supervised release. We don’t know yet when they have to turn themselves in.

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