Halftime Show performers willing to pay?… Lindsay Lohan denied… Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart driving around… French Montana capitalizing on Khloe Kardashian… and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are living separately

The NFL has never paid Halftime Show performers, but the international exposure is way worth it to the artists so they happily perform for free. BUT! Will future Halftime Show performers be willing to pay to play? The NFL reportedly approached three contenders — Coldplay, Rihanna and Katy Perry — if they’d be willing to pay a percentage of future tour earnings in exchange for the massive publicity they’d get. From what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, the NFL got a “chilly reception” from the artists’ reps.

Lindsay Lohan is back in NY for a bit before she makes her debut on the London stage debut next month in “Speed-the-Plow.” She was partying with her friends in VIP at 1Oak Saturday night and was trying to be a baller in front of her friends. She threw down her credit card to pay the $2500 tab for their vodka bottle service and was DENIED. Her friends had to all pitch in to cover the bill.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were back together on Monday, driving around in a sweet ride that was probably JLo’s, but she let him be the man and take the wheel. They broke up in June after dating for 2 and a half years and both of them said it was amicable and that Casper still had a relationship with her kids. But has it turned romantic again? We’re not sure. We DO know that Casper officially bought his own house with his own money. He’s been working non-stop as a choreographer for artists like Nicki Minaj and earned enough to plunk down 20% on a $760K 3-bedroom house in Woodland Hills that comes with a swimming pool and a batting cage. Yay, Casper!

French Montana did a recent interview with Billboard magazine where he basically said that he’s trying to capitalize on his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. But French told Access Hollywood Live that he was so mad about that because his comments were taken out of context. He said that Khloe supports him in everything he does and, “When it comes to her career, I don’t think about it. If she needs me to do something, I do it.” I’m guessing that means being on her reality show…

Sources told Page Six that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are living separately after she hired security to keep Nick away from other women. Mariah is very insecure and she’s suspected Nick of cheating on her. In fact, when Nick hosted a pool party in Vegas earlier this year, she hired a security guard — not to keep women away from Nick, but to keep Nick away from women! Page Six’s sources say the couple has been fighting a lot and Nick is basically living out of hotel rooms right now.


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