Mariah Carey Says James Packer Is “Mentally Unstable”

Kevin Jonas welcomed 2nd daughter… Jennifer Lopez stars in musical… Tupac Shakur is going up for sale… Rob Kardashian is under investigation… and Mariah Carey says James Packer is “mentally unstable”

After all those Jonas Brothers, there are finally Jonas SISTERS! Kevin and Danielle Jonas welcomed their second daughter, Valentina Angelina, yesterday. Big sister, Alena Rose is now 2. Uncle Nick posted a video on Instagram when he got the news, saying, “I’m on set here in Hawaii, but I just got the best news ever. My brother and his wife had their baby. I’m overjoyed.” He captioned it, “Congrats Kevin and Dani! We have another Jonas!! Can’t wait to meet that beautiful baby girl very soon.” Uncle Joe also tweeted, “Congratulations to @kevinjonas & @daniellejonas on the newest addition to the family! So beautiful!”

NBC is bringing another musical to live television. Get ready for “Bye Bye Birdie” starring Jennifer Lopez!!! She’s not only serving executive producer, she’s taking on the role of Rosie, which was originally played by Chita Rivera in the original 1960 Broadway production. “Bye Bye Birdie” is based on all the drama surrounding Elvis Presley being drafted into the army in 1957. In the musical, a songwriter named Albert Peterson and his longtime, long-suffering girlfriend, Rosie Alvarez, create a publicity stunt to promote rock ’n roll singer Conrad Birdie’s last single, “One Last Kiss,” before he’s sent off to war. So they have a contest for a girl to receive Conrad’s last kiss on live TV, and Kim McAffee from Sweet Apple, Ohio, is the winner. And then Kim’s boyfriend gets all jealous and the small town freaks out and it’s just a great, great, GREAT show. I don’t know when “Bye Bye Birdie” will air, but in the meantime, NBC is giving us “Hairspray Live!” on December 7.

His family must be in need of some serious cash because a bunch of stuff owned by Tupac Shakur is going up for sale. But are you willing to fork over $57K for Tupac’s passport? Or how about $35K for his inmate ID? But the big ticket item appears to be the gold crown pendant Tupac allegedly wore when he was shot. They say it’s even dented by a bullet. The asking price is $125K. If you are interested in any of these items and perusing other Tupac items that are up for sale, visit A spokesman for the website says he won’t say who is selling these items, only that it’s a “family member that will remain anonymous.”

Rob Kardashian is under criminal investigation for allegedly threatening R&B singer Pilot Jones after photos were recently published of Pilot and Blac Chyna kissing earlier this year. See, what happened was…..when Rob and Chyna first started dating, they would fight and break up a lot….sort of just like things are now. But during one of those early breakups, Chyna hooked up with Pilot. Shortly afterward, Chyna found herself with child and Pilot believes that child might be his. So Rob apparently sent Pilot a number of threatening text messages and Pilot turned around and filed a police report.

There was no way Mariah Carey’s team was going to let it look like James Packer dumped her and they are coming out swinging. So James’ people are saying Mariah not only spent ridiculous amounts of money, she also got exceptionally close to one of her backup dancers named Brian Tanaka. But sources from Team Mariah are saying the only reason Mariah was getting close to Brian was because James isn’t right in the head and Mariah was basically an abandoned woman! An insider told E! News, “James is not in a mentally healthy place right now and he has not been present for her. Unfortunately, his absence and behavior was not a good situation for her, so she had to leave him.” Apparently James and Mariah had a huge fight in Greece last month and they haven’t seen each other since. Mariah’s rep told Entertainment Tonight that they’re trying to work things out and plan on releasing an official statement after they’ve determined their future.


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