Mariah Carey Wants $50 Million From James Packer

Non-shampoo class action lawsuit… Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show update… Women of the Year… Tyga pays toward debt… and Mariah Carey wants $50 million from James Packer

Remember when Alyssa Milano, Brooke Shields and Angie Harmon were flipping their hair around in that Wen Hair Care informercial with their good friend Chaz Dean? About a year ago, women started coming forward to say that this non-shampoo, cleansing conditioner caused their hair to fall out. At this point, more than 200 customers have joined the class action lawsuit. In a preliminary ruling, a federal judge in California has approved the proposed $26.25 million settlement for the victims, which means roughly six million people could be awarded up to $20K in individual settlements. But it’s not exactly a done deal. A U.S. District Court Judge who will review the case and make a final ruling on the settlement.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is going to be held in Paris this year. They’ll tape it on November 30 and CBS will air it on December 5. Victoria’s Secret announced that Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd will perform. The Weeknd’s girlfriend, Bella Hadid, is walking the show for the first time, along with her sister, Gigi. And Jasmine Tookes has the honor of modeling this year’s $3 million Fantasy Bra.

Glamour magazine is out with their Women of the Year honorees. They include Simone Biles, Gwen Stefani, plus-size model Ashley Graham, the three women who founded the #BlackLivesMatter movement, an Iraqi woman who stood up to Isis, Zendaya……and Bono? This is the first time a man has been honored in Glamour’s Women of the Year, but the editor said, “There are so many men who really are doing wonderful things for women these days. Some men get it and Bono is one of those guys.

Tyga was supposed to give a sworn deposition last month to explain how he has money to buy Kylie Jenner expensive presents but can’t pay Jacob the Jeweler the $280K he owes him. But Tyga told his attorneys that he was felling too sick to go on so they rescheduled the deposition for yesterday. Well, guess what. Tyga’s tummy hurt again. So they sent him home again, but one of Tyga’s attorneys did go to court yesterday to tell the judge that Tyga has not only paid $100K toward the debt, but that the entire balance will be paid before his next scheduled court appearance on November 17.

TMZ says they’ve seen the email chain between Team Mariah and Team James Packer as they were trying to hash out the details of a prenup. The emails were from mid-February and they were going back and forth fast and furious because the couple wanted to be married March 1st in Bora Bora. That would’ve been a problem because Mariah wasn’t legally divorced from Nick Cannon at that point, so it would’ve been a commitment ceremony with the legal wedding happening later. Among the interesting details of the ONE HUNDRED PAGE PRENUP, if James gave Mariah a piece of jewelry or any expensive gift, she would have to give it back if they divorced UNLESS he sent her a signed note saying it was a gift. Also, in the event of their divorce, Mariah would get a $50 million lump payment. Even though they never married, Mariah is still wanting that $50 million! And she wants to keep the $10 million engagement ring, with or without a signed note.


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