Broadway tickets to go on sale… Willow surprises Jada Pinkett Smith… Selena met Beyoncé… The new name is Sean Love Combs… and Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell are back together

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The lights went out on Broadway last March. At the time, everyone was hopeful things would be back up and running in a month or so. While some pop-up shows have been happening in theaters, it’s been announced that Broadway will turn the lights back on starting Sept. 14. Specific return dates will be announced in the weeks ahead on a show-by-show basis. According to the New York Times, box-office winners like Hamilton, The Lion King and Wicked are expected to open ASAP, while Harry Potter and the Cursed Child may wait until next year. We also have some new shows to look forward to including “Six,” a musical about the wives of Henry VIII and it was supposed to open last March THE SAME DAY Broadway shut down.

Willow Smith pulled off a great surprise for her mom for Mother’s Day. She got Jada Pinkett Smith’s old band Wicked Wisdom back together for this week’s episode of “Red Table Talk,” and Willow sang the vocals on their song “Bleed All Over Me.” Willow talked about going on tour with her mom in the early 2000s, when she as about 3 or 4 years old. Willow said, “This is the music that I grew up around. My mother was Superwoman, she was a rock star, she was a warrior and a nurturer, all in one. So unapologetically bada**. … I was my mom’s biggest fan.” By the way, Willow just released a pop-punk single called “Transparent Soul,” featuring Travis Barker.

Part 2 of “Selena: The Series” dropped on Netflix this week and there’s a scene in Episode 6 that has everyone asking, Did that REALLY happen? Selena is shopping at an outdoor mall with her mom and her sister when this other young girl, who is also with her mom and sister, notices Selena and is starstruck. The little girls mom asks who she’s looking at like that and the little girl says, “Selena, a famous singer. Be quiet!” The girl’s mom tries to get her to go up and introduce herself and tell Selena that she’s a singer, too, but she’s too shy. She just smile and nervously says hi as Selena walks by and waves at her. her encourages her to tell Selena that she’s a singer herself, but she only smiles shyly and says a nervous “hi” as the superstar walks by and waves hello. As the young girl watches Selena walk away, her mother lectures her: “Beyoncé Knowles, you better learn not to be afraid of people if you ever want to be famous too.” So…did that really happen. Sort of! Back in the day, Beyonce told MTV Trés that she did see Selena at the Galleria Mall in Houston, “said hello and kept it moving.”

When it comes to his name, Sean Combs answers to a lot of things…Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy…And now, he’s also answering to Love. Sean Combs legally changed his middle name from Jean to Love, and he showed off his new Florida drivers license to prove it, captioning it, “IT’S OFFICIAL!!! WELCOME TO THE LOVE ERA.” He followed that with, “Imma need y’all to take me seriously on this one!!!“

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are back together, but a source told Page Six he’s “not ready to scream it from the rooftops yet.” The source said, “Matt is hesitant to publicly and outrightly confirm it right now because it’s still fresh and they still have issues to work through. Rachael already faced scrutiny for her past, and now all eyes have shifted to Matt, so he’s feeling pressure to set a good example for other black men.” The source said Matt knows a lot of people aren’t going to be happy about this because they think it’s just too soon, so he’s staying quiet for now.

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