Peeps movie is currently in development… Jimmy Fallon is righting his wrong… Celebrity politicians… Paris Hilton returns to Utah… and Matt & Rachael? Yeah, they’re not over

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Even though some survey showed that Peeps are the least favorite Easter candy, over 2 billion of them are sold every year, and over 70% of those sales come at Easter. So obviously, somebody needs to make a movie, right? Actually, back in 2014, somebody WAS working on “Peeps: The Movie,” but for whatever reason, nothing ever came of it. However, a new Peeps movie is in development, and it’s described as a cross between “Trolls” and “Smurfs.” The storyline about “a ragtag group of Peeps characters who set out on a cross-country journey in order to attend ‘Peepsfest,’ an annual brand celebration in Pennsylvania.” Again, this is still in development, so no idea when we will get to watch this movie greatness, if ever.

A couple weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon had TikToker Addison Rae on his show to perform her single “Obsessed” and teach him the steps to eight different TikTok dances. What could go wrong? They were both blasted for not giving credit to the TikTokers who actually created the dances. Jimmy has now tried to make it right by inviting the actual creators of those dances to come on his show to have their own moment in the spotlight. He then introduced Maya Nicole Johnson & Chris Cotter, Dorien Scott, Fur-Quan Powell & Camyra Franklin, Adam Snyder, Nate Nale, & Greg Dahl, and Keara Wilson, who talked about how their dances went viral and performed them.

Should celebrities become politicians? According to a new survey of more than 30,000 American adults, 63% say Hollywood stars can make good politicians, with the right attitude and support staff. Matthew McConaughey is thinking about a run for governor of Texas. Dwayne Johnson has said he’d consider running for president. And 58% of the survey’s respondents said they’d support them! Other celebrities the respondents said they’d vote for if they ran for president include:

  • Angelina Jolie – 30%
  • Oprah – 27%
  • Tom Hanks – 22%
  • Will Smith – 21%
  • George Clooney – 17%
  • Leo DiCaprio – 13%
  • Dolly Parton – 12%
  • Harrison Ford – 10%

Paris Hilton returned to Salt Lake City, Utah, yesterday for the ceremonial bill signing of a law that regulates treatment centers for troubled teens in that state. In February, Paris testified that when she was sent to the Provo Canyon School in the ‘90s, she was subjected to horrible abuse. She testified that staff members would beat her, watch her take showers, send her into solitary confinement completely naked, and force her to take unknown pills. Paris testified the trauma still causes her to suffer from insomnia and when she can sleep, she has terrible nightmares. The new law requires more government oversight of youth residential treatment centers and documentation for when they use restraints. It also prohibits treatment centers from using sedation or mechanical restraints without prior authorization.

When Bachelor Matt James appeared on “After the Final Rose,” it sounded like he was shutting down any chances of reconciling with Rachael Kirkconnell. She, however, was holding on to that little glimmer of hope that Matt would give their love another chance….eventually. Well! Reality Steve tweeted yesterday, “It’s been a while but here’s some news: Matt and Rachael? Yeah, they’re not over. They’re currently in New York together. FYI.”

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