Mel B Claims Stephen Belafonte Produces Adult Movies

Erin Moran had stage 4 throat cancer… DWTS spoiler alert… Elton John became violently ill… Aaron Hernandez update… and Mel B claims Stephen Belafonte produces adult movies

After years of battling substance issues, when reports came out that former “Happy Days” star Erin Moran died at the age of 56, everyone assumed it was related to drugs or alcohol. But now authorities are saying Erin didn’t have any illegal drugs at her home when her body was found Saturday. In fact, now it’s been revealed that Erin was suffering from stage 4 throat cancer. A friend revealed she was diagnosed around Thanksgiving and had been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. But Erin chose not to tell anyone but her closest friends and family.

SPOILER ALERT: They’re saying it was one of the most shocking eliminations in the entire 24-season history of “Dancing With the Stars.” But is it, really? When former “Glee” star Heather Morris was announced as a contestant, there were a lot of people shouting, “Not fair!” And that included fellow contestant, Charo! Heather had been a backup dancer for Beyonce, so she really did have an unfair advantage. So the fact that people weren’t terribly motivated to vote for her and that she ended up being eliminated even after earning the first perfect score of the season shouldn’t be THAT surprising.

The eliminated couple is announced on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Boy Band vs Girl Groups Night!

Elton John had just wrapped up a tour in South America and was on a flight home to the UK when he became violently ill. He was immediately admitted to the hospital where he spent two night in ICU being treated for a very serious bacterial infection. Doctors say he’s expected to make a full recovery, but Elton is being forced to cancel all his scheduled shows at Caesars Palace in Vegas through May. He’s expected to be well enough to return to the stage on June 3 in Twickenham, England.

While Aaron Hernandez’s family gathered in Bristol, Connecticut, for his funeral services, news was coming out that the reason Aaron may have hung himself in prison was because it was about to be revealed that he was having an affair with a fellow prisoner. In fact, the Daily Mail claims one of the three suicide notes Aaron left behind was for 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy, who was serving time for armed robbery. Before he took his life, sources told the Daily Mail that Aaron gifted Kyle with a $50K watch. Sources say Kyle is so distraught that he is now on suicide watch. Aaron was convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd, but the motive was a big mystery. A co-defendant told the police that Odin had called Aaron a “schmoocher,” which Aaron took to be a gay slur. Reportedly, detectives now believe Odin was murdered because Aaron believed he was about to reveal that Aaron was secretly gay.

When Mel B filed for divorce from Stephen Belafonte, she got a restraining order keeping him away from her and all her kids, including the one she shares with Stephen. Stephen went to court yesterday hoping to get unmonitored visitation with the kids, but Mel dropped a few more bombshells in court. She claims that Stephen runs a porno production company and keeps several computers which run his pornographic websites. She’s afraid their 5-year-old daughter might accidentally see something that could scar her for life! Stephen won a partial victory in court. The judge says he can now have two 4-hour monitored visits with their daughter every week until a hearing in September. But Stephen can’t have visitation with the daughter Mel shares with Eddie Murphy.


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