Mel B Granted Restraining Order Against Stephen Belafonte

Will Daniel Craig do another James Bond movie?… Drake bought a TV drama… Brooklyn Beckham’s tattoo… Floyd Mayweather at cheerleading competition… and Mel B granted restraining order against Stephen Belafonte

Remember two years ago when Daniel Craig said he’d rather slash his wrists than do another James Bond movie? Sources told Page Six that producers have been begging him to come back for one more go-round after they decided Tom Hiddleston is “too smug and not tough enough” to play 007. Ouch! And sources say his relationship with Taylor Swift didn’t help matters one bit. Now Daniel is talking to producers and things reportedly are moving in the right direction. And his wrists seem to be fine at the moment.

We first met Aubrey Graham when he played Jimmy Brooks — a basketball star who ended up in a wheelchair after a school shooting on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” We now know Aubrey as Drake, who’s done so well with that whole music thing that we sometimes forget he’s also an actor. But Drake hasn’t forgotten!! He was watching Netlix and came across this British TV drama about drugs called “Toy Boy.” It only ran for a couple seasons and ended in 2013, but Drake loved it so much that he bought the rights to it. Not content to stay behind the scenes, he wants to be on the show. Right now, they’re trying to figure out what part he could play. “Toy Boy” is set to return next year, but it looks like it’ll just be in the UK.

Brooklyn Beckham is David Beckham’s son. OF COURSE he grew up wanting to get tatted up like his dad. But his parents made it very clear that he had to wait until his 18th birthday, and that’s what he did! David took his son to his favorite tattoo artist on Saturday — Mark Mahoney at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood — and Brooklyn got a portrait of a Native American in full headdress on his right forearm arm — just like dad’s! Well, it’s SLIGHTLY different than dad’s, who has a Native American inked on his torso, just one of about 40 or so covering his body.

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Floyd Mayweather went to his daughter’s cheerleading competition this weekend and went ballistic on the judges after they announced his daughter’s squad placed second. TMZ Sports spoke to the event announcer who said Floyd was cussing out the judges and yelling, “I fund this program!!” The announcer was afraid things would get physical, but then he thought, “Great! Here’s my big paycheck! My payday is coming!” But that didn’t happen. One of the event’s executives managed to pull Floyd away to a private are where he could calm himself down.

Mel B filed for divorce from Stephen Belafonte last month, and now she’s afraid for her life. Her lawyers got a restraining order against Stephen yesterday, who was ordered to stay away from Mel and her three kids, which means he has to get out of the house. When filing for the restraining order, Mel listed very detailed instances of abuse, with stories of Stephen wrapping his hands around her throat, punching her face with his closed fist, and slamming her down onto the floor. She said there was a pattern to Stephen’s abuse. In her filing she said that whenever she achieved any measure of success, he would beat her down to let her know that he was still in charge. She also claims Stephen impregnated their nanny and then wanted the three of them to live together! But she says he ultimately forced the woman to abort the baby and paid her off in excess of $300K. And there is SO much more in her court filing. TMZ caught up with Stephen as he was packing up to leave the family home. Of course, he claims she’s making all of it up.


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