Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth could be a couple again

Suzanne Crough passes away at 52… Sam Smith cancels Australian tour… Justin Bieber is in “Zoolander 2”… Hilary Duff is on Tinder… and Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth could be a couple again

Suzanne Crough, who played youngest daughter Tracy on “The Partridge Family” passed away at her home in Nevada on Monday. She was 52. The cause of death is unknown at this time. All we know is that it was sudden. An autopsy is scheduled for today. Suzanne leaves behind a husband and two daughters.

Sam Smith has announced he’s canceling the remainder of his Australian tour because there’s a hemorrhage on his vocal cords. He tweeted his apologies, saying, “I have been vocally exhausted for a while now however last night in Sydney I had a small hemorrhage on my vocal chords. The doctors have told me I need to fully rest until my vocal chords have healed otherwise this could become a long-term issue.”

Justin Bieber and Ben Stiller both posted the same black-and-white photo on social media yesterday — it’s a stare-off between the Biebs and Derek Zoolander — and they captioned it #zoolander2. So it’s official! Justin Bieber is in “Zoolander 2”! It’s being reported that Kim and Kanye are also part of the cast, at least showing up in cameos.

Hilary Duff is giving Tinder a try! She told our DJ friend, Valentine, “In my life, I’ve always had really serious boyfriends, I’ve always met people through work and I’ve never been on a blind date. What’s the worst that’s going to happen?” Hilary said she’s talking to about 9 guys right now, and she says some people know who she is, some don’t, and “some people act like they don’t know but they do and some people are like, ‘This is a joke, right?’” If you want to head out to LA and take a shot at having her swipe right on you, Hilary says she doesn’t like to see shirtless mirror selfies and she wants you to make her laugh in your profile.

“Us Weekly” is reporting that Miley Cyrus and her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth are getting close again. A source told the magazine that they’ve been hanging out in LA but only a few people in their inner circles know. Liam asked Miley to marry him in 2012 but they broke up the following year. Another source told “Us” that at the time of the breakup, Liam cut her off, but Miley kept texting him until he eventually started answering. After that, they would check in on each other from time to time. The source said Liam would always talk about how much fun Miley was and how great their chemistry is.


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