Showbiz Top 5: Miley Cyrus ditches her VMA after-party for Kanye

An X-Factor judge joins the cast of Glee…Lamar Odom is back home with Khloe…Drake’s ex-stylist slaps him with a lawsuit…and Miley’s top secret meeting with Kanye!

So Miley Cyrus left the VMAs early, skipped her own after-party, and headed straight into the recording studio for a “top secret” collaboration. Page Six is reporting exclusively that the “top secret” collaboration was between Miley and Kanye West. Word is, Miley will be on Kanye’s remix of “Black Skinhead” that will be released later this year. Kanye was actually supposed to perform that song a the VMAs but changed his mind at the last minute for do “Blood on the Leaves” instead.

Drake has been hit with a $40K lawsuit. Stylist Michael Raphael says Drake hired him to be his personal shopper and come up with a signature look and wardrobe. Raphael says he even moved to Canada to be by Drake’s side for photo and video shoots. But after a few months, Drake apparently wasn’t loving the way he was looking and he fired Raphael. That’s fine, except Raphael says Drake owes him $40K for unpaid services and clothing and accessories he bought for Drake and charged his own personal credit card. He also wants to be reimbursed for travel expenses. Raphael says Drake made him fly all the way to the American Music Awards just to deliver a pendant

 After performing their duties at the NY premiere of their “This Is Us” movie and at the VMAs, One Direction was ready to leave NYC.  The guys had a security to lead them through the masses at JFK, but Harry Styles alone needed TWENTY security officers to keep him safe from rabid Directioners. 

Demi Lovato is a busy girl. Not only is she back to judge “The X Factor,” she’s also joined the cast of “Glee.” Naya Rivera — who plays Santana — says Demi will play her love interest. And speaking of female love interests, remember those nudie photos of Demi that were being shopped around? says they saw some of the images and they sure did look an awfully lot like Demi. And if you REALLY want to see for yourself, do a quick google search. Yep, it looks like it’s really Demi….and some girl who reportedly had a fling with Demi. Allegedly, this girl ended things with her when Demi hooked back up with Wilmer Valderrama. And apparently, this girl’s friend is the one shopping the photos to the highest bidder.

Lamar Odom is back home with Khloe Kardashian. TMZ is reporting that Lamar was missing for several days, but finally showed up Monday. Their sources say the couple are addressing some serious issues, but as for now, there is no talk of divorce. Last week, Khloe reportedly staged an intervention, which Lamar rejected, causing him to disappear for a few days. But according to E!, Lamar was never missing and his family always knew where he was.   And on Sunday, Khloe tweeted this:  “Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk s**t about my family! F**k you and shame on you! I’m too protective for this s*

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