Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split Turns Nasty

R. Kelly’s new layer… 90210 reboot update… Singer sues over alleged sexual assault… Celebrity fake followers… and Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth split turns nasty

R. Kelly is being held in jail without bail while he waits to go on trial for about 30 sex abuse crimes in four different jurisdictions. Sources say he is trying to get Tom Mesereau to work on his legal team. Mesereau is one of the most powerful and successful criminal defense lawyers out there. In fact, back in 2005, Mesereau was representing Michael Jackson when he was acquitted of all 14 charges against him. Plus, he’s won an unprecedented three federal criminal jury trials in a row. Mesereau reportedly met with R. Kelly behind bars, but he hasn’t officially joined the team just yet.

If you haven’t watched the “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot, you are missing out! It’s based partially on real the real lives of the actors, but with twisted story lines and it’s really pretty brilliant, in my opinion. The Hollywood Reporter somehow found out how much everybody is being paid to come back for this limited 6-episode run. Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling — who played Kelly and Donna on the original series — helped create the rebooted show, so they get an extra little bump of $15K per episode. They had to pitch this show for almost a year before Fox agreed to do it. And Jason Priestly — who played Brandon — actually directed one of the episodes, so he reportedly got an extra $46K in his paycheck. But the base salaries for all the cast members reportedly is $70K per episode, which totals $420K for the series. Sounds pretty ….. okay? But then you compare that to the four original stars of “Will & Grace” getting $250K per episode for season one of their reboot and then $350K per episode for seasons two and three, it’s like, who negotiated these deals?? And the 90210 reboot is doing really well on Fox. In addition to the impressive ratings — it beat out “Big Brother” on CBS — it’s been the most-streamed summer debut ever for Fox.

There’s a very disturbing story on TMZ about a singer who just filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually molested when she was only 14-years-old by the man who served as her producer, agent and mentor. No names are mentioned, but there are so many facts revealed in the lawsuit that it’s a matter of time before names are revealed. The lawsuit claims that back in 2005 when she was 14, the artist was signed to a 7-album deal and introduced to the man who was assigned to be with her every day as he molded her into a superstar. She claims this man groomed her mother into trusting him and allowing him to have more access with her daughter. And then she details the abuse in graphic detail, even naming locations where the assaults took place over a two year period.

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance used several different software tools to break down the Instagram and Twitter followings of celebrities to determine who has the most fake followers. Topping the list with 152M fake followers, making up 49 percent of their total following……………..Ellen DeGeneres! Coming in second is BTS. Their combined accounts are followed by 35M fakes, or 49 percent bogus. Third on the list is Kourtney Kardashian. With 104M fakes, 46 percent of her followers aren’t legit.

Miley Cyrus’ team is working overtime to paint Liam Hemsworth in a bad light, leaking stories that he was partying too much and yelling at Miley all the time…that she wanted to go to marriage counseling but he refused….So basically, Miley had no choice but to run off to Italy and make out on a boat with Kaitlynn Carter, who happens to be recently estranged from Brody Jenner. But sources told Page Six that Liam was devastated by those photos, and he’s really hurt by the stories Miley’s team is putting out there. One said, “They’re still married and they really did love each other. She’s really immature and always has been.” Another source said that the claims that Liam had a problem with booze are “100% a distraction” from Miley’s actions.

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