Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s THREE wedding ceremonies… One Direction ready for world tour… Johnny Depp’s gift to Amber Heard… Justin Bieber is on the Homeland Security Watch List… and Miley Cyrus released from the hospital

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have not one, but THREE wedding ceremonies. It’s really more about legalities than egos. Because of the residency requirements to be married in France, Kimye’s attorneys advised them to have a civil ceremony in the US before they head to gay Pah-ree. And French law requires that a civil ceremony be performed first, followed by any religious ceremony.

The boys in One Direction have been busy rehearsing and preparing themselves for their world tour, which kicks off tonight in Bogota, Colombia. A source told the “Daily Star” that Harry’s been having a bird poo facial every day to clear up his acne. The source says Harry has struggled with his skin for years and was desperate to have it cleared up before the world tour began. These bird poo facials are traditionally known in Japan as the Geisha facial. The treatments can cost around $250 per session. It does have an unpleasant smell, but the source says Harry is very happy with the results. Not only does bird poo clear up acne, it also reduces wrinkles.

What do you get a girl who has everything? And by “everything” I mean Johnny Depp. Well, when his literature-loving fiancee Amber Heard celebrated her 28th birthday on Tuesday, Johnny gifted her with a set of 18th Century poetry books, a leather-bound diary, and a rare Ernest Hemingway short story collection called “In Our Time” priced at $210K! Total birthday package valued at ………….. $235,000! A source told “The Sun” that Amanda had her eyes on these books for a long time, but every time she went to a book store, none of them were on the shelves. So Johnny was on the case, tracking down all these special and rare collections. Then he took Amanda for what she thought was a regular visit to a book store, and surprise! They just “happened” to have all the books in stock. After they left the book store, Johnny and Amber headed over to the Bowery Hotel, where Johnny arranged for roses to be laid out in their suite and had a string quartet playing in the background during dinner.

Justin Bieber flew back into the US on an Air Singapore flight from Tokyo, but US Customs officials felt it necessary to detain him for four hours after he landed at LAX. His bodyguards just hung out with Justin’s luggage while he was questioned…for FOUR HOURS. Apparently, all of his run-ins with the law have landed him on the Homeland Security Watch List. After FOUR HOURS, authorities couldn’t think of any reason to hold him so they finally let Justin go.

You’ve been in the hospital for almost two weeks recovering from a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. You’re even stuck there on your most favorite holiday of the year! No, not Easter. For Miley Cyrus, that would be 4/20. But Miley has finally been released from the hospital and will be going back on her “Bangerz” tour next week. The US dates she missed while she was hospitalized will be made up later. Next week, it’s all about Europe. And the first concert on the European leg of her tour? Amsterdam. Duh.


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